Here is what I know… The gospel nearly always spreads on the rails of relationships.

If you want to check this, just ask. Next time you are in a group, ask for a show of hands. “How many of you came to faith in Christ primarily through the influence of friend or relative?” I have asked this many times. Nearly every hand will go up.

Floyd McClung said it this way:

Being close to people of faith who speak openly of their love for Jesus is what leads other people to faith. Committed communities turn into movements and grow exponentially when the gospel spreads along existing lines of relationships.[1]

Shane Claiborne is a little more picturesque:

God spoke to Balaam through a donkey. I reckon God can also use a tract. But I’m not sure that makes it God’s favorite medium. The best evangelism happens through relationships, sharing dreams and fears. The gospel spreads like disease—through breath, touch, and shared life.”[2]

One more; Sam Chan:

Typically, as Christians, we have two separate universes of friends. We have a universe of Christian friends, and we have another universe of non-Christian friends. We keep these two universes separate from each other. When our Christian friends go to the movies, we go along with them. When our non-Christian friends have a barbecue, we go along with them.

But what we need to do is merge our universes. So when our Christian friends go to the movies, we invite our non-Christian friends along. Or when our non-Christian friends have a barbecue, we bring some of our Christian friends along. Bit by bit, our Christian friends will become friends with our non-Christian friends. We will have merged our universes.[3]

What does this have to do with Meetup?

Meetup is a site and an app that allows your group to advertise your group’s activities to the world.

  • Is your group having a game night? Put it on Meetup.
  • Is your group doing a movie night? Put it on Meetup. Invite the world.
  • Is your group doing a neighborhood trash pick-up day? Invite the world. Put it on Meetup.

This is an unproven idea. I am wondering if it will work. If you have had experience, I’d love to hear you feedback. Call or text. 575 650 4564. Mybe we could record a zoom call and share you experience.

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