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25 Ways to Win with People, Lesson #16

by John Maxwell and Les Parrott, PH.D.

Good Questions by Josh Hunt

These kind of questions (except with more Bible verses!) are available every week for you to use during your Bible study time. Lessons correspond with three of Lifeway's series. I have been doing this for years and more than 2000 lesson are available with new ones added each week. See www.joshhunt.com/sunday-school.htm for details.

Can I be honest? I like some of the chapters of this book better than others. Some, I might go through pretty quickly. Others-like this one-I might spend the whole hour on.


Find the key to their hearts

  1. I'd like for us to discuss the six questions that have helped John Maxwell. First, what do you dream about?
  2. What do you cry about?
  3. What do you sing about?
  4. What do you value?
  5. What are your strengths?
  6. What is your temperament?
  7. What other questions could you use to get to know people in your group?
  8. Imagine you made an appointment to have lunch with each one of your group members. You sat down and talked to them about each one of these things. How do you imagine that would inform your teaching?
  9. Suppose you were to talk to each of your students individually about these things, what do you guess that would do to the atmosphere of your class?
  10. How might talking to your students about the things effect absenteeism in your group?
  11. To what degree do you think you know how your students would answer these questions?
  12. People are different. What kind of people are you drawn to? What kind of people do you tend to not be in rapport with?
  13. Who can tell of a time when a friend found the way to your heart? How did it happen? How did it make you feel? Who has a story?
  14. Well, we have talked about it. . . is this something you would like to do-take each of your students to lunch and talk about these six questions? (1)
  15. How can we pray for one another this week?

1. Just by the way, I don't recommend you do this across genders without your spouse. I don't recommend-in fact I strongly discourage-you to ever spend a meal alone with someone of the opposite sex. Follow the advice of Andy Stanley: "I don't get in a car alone with a woman; I don't counsel a woman alone; I never share a meal alone with a woman." The Bible says it in one word: FLEE.



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