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25 Ways to Win with People, Lesson #25

by John Maxwell and Les Parrott, PH.D.

Good Questions by Josh Hunt

These kind of questions (except with more Bible verses!) are available every week for you to use during your Bible study time. Lessons correspond with three of Lifeway's series. I have been doing this for years and more than 2000 lesson are available with new ones added each week. See www.joshhunt.com/sunday-school.htm for details.

Help people win

  1. Someone who can read out loud well read us the story of Eric. This is vintage Maxwell. What do you love about this story?
  2. "Helping another person win is one of the greatest feelings in the world." Describe a time when you experienced this feeling.
  3. Describe a time when someone helped you win.
  4. What are some practical ways we can help others win? Let's make a long list.
  5. What keeps us from this?
  6. The authors discuss the importance of hope. How could Winston Churchill say that hope was England's greatest weapon? What did he mean by that?
  7. How can we give the people in our group hope each week?
  8. What are some sources of hope?
  9. Let's look back over the book as a whole. What have been some of the highlights of this book for you?
  10. What have you been able to apply so far? The Bible says, "be ye doers of the Word." How have you been able to do things differently from this study?
  11. Look at the table of contents. Is there anything they left out? Anything you would add to this list?
  12. Is there anything in this list you think is not all that necessary or important?
  13. What areas of your people skills still needs development?
  14. What ideas do you have for closing that gap?
  15. How can we pray for one another this week?


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