A pastor who uses my Bible lessons said to me once, “Do you know what I love about using your lessons?”

“What is that”?

“15 minute preparation.”

I really think you ought to spend more time than that. But, if you have a degree in theology and/or have spent years studying and teaching the Word, you might not need half a day to get ready.

Good Questions Have Groups Talking consists of 20 ready-to-use questions, as well as answers curated from some of the best commentaries and books available today. We provide quotes from teachers like David Jeremiah, John Ortberg, and Charles Swindoll that will feed your people.

You may be spending a day to get ready for your Sunday morning sermon, and perhaps half that much more to get ready for a Sunday evening service. You need something to get you ready to teach on Wednesday night. You don’t have five hours to spare. Good Questions Have Groups Talking may be the answer.

Good Questions are available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions, as well as part of a subscription service. For only $40 a year, you get access to all the lessons we have available—2000+ lessons with 4 new lessons added each week. Monthly and quarterly plans also available. Get all your Bible teachers signed for about $10 per teacher per YEAR.

See http://mybiblestudylessons.com/ for more information.