Courtesy Baptist General Convention of TexasWhen I walk into the room in which I teach a Sunday School class (ages 42-50, give or take a few years) of Baby Boomers each Sunday, I face a teaching challenge. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Boomers tend to question authority. This group of people (born 1946 through 1964) do not always accept a particular interpretation of a passage of Scripture just because Baptists have interpreted it that way traditionally or even because a well-known Biblical scholar has interpreted the passage a certain way. Remember, they grew up in the 60's when authority was really questioned!
  • Many of them are college graduates. Therefore, some of them seem to have high expectations regarding the quality of the Bible teaching.
  • Divorce, troubled marriages, difficulties with children. loss of jobs, etc. seem to be increasing problems. Great wisdom is needed as we open God's Word and deal with these and other sensitive issues.
  • Some Baby Boomers are self-centered. This trait can cause problems in several areas in a Bible study class.

Many other traits of Baby Boomers could be presented here, but if you are like me, you are interested in knowing how to deal with this teaching challenge. Here are a few suggestions for teachers of Baby Boomers:

  • Seek God's leadership as you prepare to guide the Bible study. Nothing can replace the Holy Spirit's guidance as one prepares to lead this multifaceted group called Baby Boomers.
  • Spend an adequate amount of time in Bible study preparation. Beginning your teaching preparation early in the week prior to Sunday will provide time for you to receive insights from the Holy Spirit throughout the week.
  • Use excellent Bible study resources to assist you as you prepare, but remember, the Bible is the textbook.
  • Get to know your class members and their families. This knowledge about your members will help you to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leadership when He wants to guide you to apply a portion of the Biblical passage to a need or needs in your members' lives.
  • Set a good example for you members by living your life, relating to your family, sharing your faith, etc. in obedience to the Word of God which you share with them each Sunday during the Bible study period.

Guiding Bible study in a class of Baby Boomers or in any age group is a teaching challenge, but God is totally capable of meeting that challenge through you. I hope you’ll experience the joy and fulfillment which I continually find as I teach a wonderful class of Baby Boomers!