Discussion-based Lessons

Discussion-based lessons have groups talking and changing. We are changed more by what we say than what we hear. "Instead SPEAKING the truth (not just hearing the truth) we will grow." Ephesians 4.15

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Leader Has a Clear Recognition of the Needs

Leader Has a Clear Recognition of the Needs. The beginning of verse 4 reads, "It came about when I heard these words." Nehemiah was not preoccupied; he did not live in a dreamworld, opposed to reality. He asked, "What's the condition?" They replied, "It's a miserable...

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This is legalism! (You won’t believe it!)

I heard about a fellow who attended a legalistic college where students were to live according to very strict rules. They weren’t supposed to do any work on Sundays. None! Guess what? He spied on his wife and caught her hanging out a few articles of clothing she...

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Learning leadership from Nehemiah

As far as leadership traits are concerned, Nehemiah was not that different from outstanding people whose names are far more familiar to us. Our nations twenty-sixth president, for example, was a hard-charging leader. Throughout his days in office Theodore Roosevelt...

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Nehemiah: everything you need to know about leadership

However, there is one book, written about 425 B.C., that looms as a classic work on effective leadership; yet it is strangely obscure and virtually unknown to people of today. It was written by a man who was prominent in business and politics in the ancient Middle...

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The church’s most serious problem

One of the most serious problems facing the orthodox Christian church today is the problem of legalism. One of the most serious problems facing the church in Paul’s day was the problem of legalism. In every day it is the same. Legalism wrenches the joy of the Lord...

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What is a leader?

What do we mean when we use the word leadership? If I were asked to define it in one single word, the word would be "influence." You lead someone to the measure you influence him. The late President Harry Truman often referred to leaders as people who can get others...

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Our leadership crisis

GLANCE THROUGH TODAY'S NEWSPAPER and chances are good you will find another story of leadership breakdown. We no sooner had put Watergate to bed and finished wading through the Washington sex scandals than we were standing face to face with yet another delicate...

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Swindoll on legalism

In contrast to yesterday’s thoughts on liberty, what does it mean to say that legalism puts people under bondage? Legalism is an attitude, a mentality based on pride. It is an obsessive conformity to an artificial standard for the purpose of exalting oneself. A...

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Life and Death

The eighth and last characteristic of the radical disciple which I have chosen is death. Let me explain. Christianity offers life—eternal life, life to the full. But it makes it plain that the road to life is death. It underlines this in at least six areas, as I will...

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