Changes That Heal

by Dr. Henry Cloud


Josh McDowell says, "Changes That Heal has affected my life more than any other book I've read."

Dr. Paul Meier of the Minirth-Meier Clinic says, "Of all the professional I know, Henry Cloud understands best why people develop emotional and relational problems and how they can solve them."

Josh Hunt says, "If you want to make disciples through your church and through your Sunday School or small group, read and reread Changes That Heal. If we miss the principles in this book, we may fail to make disciples at all. We can have great attendance and mesmerizing teaching and great organization, but if we miss the principles of what causes people to grow, it will be a clanging gong and a crashing symbol."

God uses a specific atmosphere to turn sinners into saints, just as he uses a specific atmosphere to turn an acorn into an oak. Dr. Henry Cloud understand and explains this as well as any author I know.

I am grateful to Zondervan for allowing me to provide for you this short section. I hope it is enough to make you want to buy the book.