Double Your Class Coaching

Josh and Missy Hunt

Need more help than a weekend seminar in getting your groups doubling every two years or less? Consider the coaching  process.

The goal of Double Your Class Coaching process is to help churches lead their teachers to double every two years or less. The process is a series of six two-day on-sites with Josh and Missy Hunt. Each trip will begin with a Saturday evening fellowship/ meeting and end with a Monday morning staff evaluation. The cost is roughly that of hiring us to be part time staff members for nine months.

Like my philosophy of ministry, this process is highly relational. We want to get to know and love your people and impart our love for Sunday School and doubling groups.

Note: you might also consider the consulting process.


  • Six trips over nine months.

  • Each trip will be two days. We will begin with a Saturday night fellowship and end with a staff meeting on Monday morning.

  • The Saturday night fellowship will be a relationship building time, as well as a listening time. I want to listen to and uncover people’s concerns about the vision of doubling groups. I want to answer objections to embracing the vision and seek to get buy-in on an individual basis from the leaders.

  • Every other trip will have a conference on Sunday afternoon.

  • Every other trip will include some individual time with key leaders in the church on Sunday afternoon.

  • I will preach each Sunday morning.

  • Missy and I will go to dinner on Sunday evening with individual staff members.


    Trip-by-trip summary:

    Here are some specific goals for each trip:

    Trip #1:

    Introduce hospitality-based growth.
    Get buy-in from the staff about the vision of doubling groups.

    Trip #2:

    Get buy-in from early adopters–a small core of laymen in the church who will spread the idea through there rest of the church.

    Trip #3:

    Get buy-in from the innovators. We are not yet to the mainstream, but a sizeable core of teachers who are embracing the vision.
    To celebrate early victories of what hospitality can do.

    Trip #4:

    Continue to spread the idea deeper and wider. Move into mainstream Celebrate victories. Trouble-shoot problems.

    Trip #5:

    Establish habits and systems of making the doubling system a lifestyle we can live with for a long time.

    Trip #6:

    Celebrate victories. Vision cast about the future. Insure that systems are in place to continue the movement.


    Trip 1

    Trip 2

    Trip 3

    Trip 4

    Trip 5

    Trip 6



    3 weeks

    1 month

    2 months

    2 months

    3 months

    Since first meeting


    3 weeks

    7 weeks

    4 months

    6 months

    9 months

    Saturday fellowship


    Young married adults and youth fellowship

    Adult leadership fellowship

    Children’s leadership fellowship

    Preschool leadership fellowship

    Staff fellowship

    Sunday AM Josh

    Developing a Heart for People who are far from God

    The Power of Hospitality

    The Amazing Power of Doubling Groups

    The Problem with Sunday School is not a Sunday School Problem

    The happiest groups are doubling groups.

    How to Be Successful and Sunday School and Nearly Anything Else.

    Sunday AM Missy

    Evaluate facilities, parking, greeting

    Evaluate Children

    Evaluate Youth

    Evaluate Adults

    Evaluate Preschool

    Final evaluation

    Sunday afternoon


    Double Your Class

    Meet with key leaders.

    What REALLY keeps churches from doubling.


    Disciplemaking Teachers

    Large group brainstorming/ evaluation/ problem solving/ question and answer


    Ten Marks of Incredible teachers

    Final celebration

    Sunday afternoon Missy



    Meet with key leaders

    What REALLY keeps churches from doubling.


    KidTeach part 2

    Large group brainstorming/ evaluation/ problem solving/ question and answer


    Games that teach

    Final celebration

    Sunday evening Dinner with the pastor Dinner with the Minister of Education Dinner with the Pastor Dinner with other staff Dinner with Pastor and Minister of Education Final celebration

    Monday morning

    Evaluation and assignments

    Evaluation and assignments

    Evaluation and assignments

    Evaluation and assignments

    Evaluation and assignments



    Who is coaching good for?

    Coaching could be useful for any church, but is especially useful in these cases:

    Cost is calculated at two days per trip. Cost per trip is the same as conferences, except you automatically get the Association discount. This works out to $2400 per trip plus expenses. See for details.

    If you feel this service could be of help to your church, call me at 575.650.4564 or email at