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Josh Hunt believes in the power of the small group ministry in your church. And, his belief is contagious. In his new book, Make My Group Grow, Josh presents sound application to easy to understand research that will benefit every size and style of church. Your groups and leadership will benefit from this book.
Ed Stetzer,
President of LifeWay Research,

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There are two ways to conduct a training event:

  • Old Plan: host pays for everything

  • New Plan: individuals pay for training. Should be free for the host. Here is an article on why I prefer this plan.

Old Plan

 Honorarium varies depending on day of the week:

  • Sundays: $1400

  • One-day non-Sundays: $1000

  • Friday-Saturday $1200

  • Training for Preschool / Children's workers by Missy Hunt: $400 for non-Sunday; $500 for Sundays.

Click here for contract.

New Plan

If all goes well in this plan, it should be free for the host.

  • Host pays a non-refundable deposit of $200. If Missy is speaking, it is $200 for each of us.

  • Host pays travel expenses. If I am already in your area, we agree to $200 travel plus hotel and meals. If I am flying to your area and back, you pay outright expenses. Here is some good news: Missy and I share a hotel room so you  only have to pay for one room!

  • Individuals are charged $20 a person or $30 a couple. Host agrees to have a registration table and people to take care of registration.

  • Of the registration, host keeps $5 per person

Suppose 200 people show up. 50 are couples and 50 are paying as individuals. Suppose we are on a tour and you are paying $200 for each of us, plus one night hotel and $100 in meals. The cost breakdown would look like this:


$200 deposit for me
$200 deposit for Missy
$200 travel for me
$200 travel for Missy
$100 hotel
$100 meals

$1000 Total expenses


200 people X $5 per person to host = $1000

Click here for new plan contract.

Training for Preschool and Children's Workers

My wife, Missy, does an excellent job of training preschool and children's workers. Although some churches have everyone together for training and report positive results, it is really better (if you can afford it) to have specialized training for your preschool and children's workers. Please click here for details on her training and fees.

Expenses: (travel etc.)

Expenses work as follows. If I fly or drive to your church and back, you pay actual expenses. If you are part of a tour (if you schedule a  meeting just before or after an existing meeting) each host pays $200 for travel, plus hotel and meals. If you would like  Missy to train your preschool and children workers, see her page for details.