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How to Get 90% of Your Visitors to Join Your Church
The New Life Way
This Year's Best Book--The Dream Giver
The Northpoint Way
A mere 20 Million
Worship or Sunday School?
Prime Time
Small things can make a BIG difference
If I were a Minister of Education
How Strong is God's Bench?
Is it really all about a relationship?
Sunday School or Home Groups?
Sunday School or Home Groups? Part 2
We can all do something
Live with Passion
Disciplemaking Teachers
The Coming Multi-site Revolution
10 Simple Secrets of the World's Greatest Business Communicators
Dieting and Doubling
Church Planting Movements
Homes of Hope Summit
The Celtic Way of Doubling Groups
The Treasure
Bring the books!
This really works
This really works, Part #2
If I only had 182 day to live
If I Were a Pastor
Personal log 2005
Reward Your Teachers
Goals: 2005
Learn it; Live it; Teach it
What do all growing churches have in common?
Breakout Churches
Breakout Churches #2
Party Night!
Lifeway's best
How to Break the 200 Barrier
Does Training Matter?
How to get teachers to double
Music Wars, Part #2
Music Wars
You don't have to teach an old church new tricks
In Praise of Small
Why are we not doubling already?
How to become a Double Your Class Presenter
Doubling Woodstock Style
How big is a small group?
A short course on teaching kids
Bribing Little Bobby to learn the Bible
Robert Lewis's Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, AR offers a new way to make groups Irresistible
How to Baptize One Million People
Go Bobby Welch!
My Opinion on Purpose Driven Life Campaign
It is not about the lesson; It is about the life
Finally! A web-based way to manage the Double Your Class (T.I.G.E.R.) System
Groups at Ted Haggard's New Life Community Church are running wild!
What about Judea? Perhaps your church should start a Church Growth Training Center
The parable of the NO-GOOD DOG FOOD Company
How any group leader can impact 1000 people in the next 10 years
Bill Hybels ACTS Model for Recruiting Workers
Andy Stanley is betting the farm on doubling groups
An Open Letter to Lifeway
The Fastest Growing Church in the World
It is never too late
Why I Love the Church
My Valentine
Never be lacking in zeal
The Single Most Important Media Event Your Church
An inviting campaign
Try Lots of Stuff
Why Visitation Doesn't Work
Go Deep!
5 ways to improve your pastor's preaching
How to do a year end evaluation
Exceeding Expectations
Bring your cell phone to church
Widening the Front Door
A disappointing letter
The Best Conference Ever
3000 to 6000 in one year
Is there a future for Old Military Road Baptist?
One Magnificent Obsession
The fun problems to solve
What made this possible?
Life is too short
Leadership and Management
It all makes sense now
8 Things Teachers Must Have to Double
What gets rewarded gets done, part 2
What gets rewarded gets done
Is Jesus all we need?
The gospel of good news and bad news
Which would you rather have. . .
Multiple Services
Let's Get Personal
The Real Reason Groups Don't Double
It Ain't Rocket Science
Reality Principle
The Beloved
Taking care of Easter Visitors
The 3.14 State
I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. Teachers
I have seen the future
How Beautiful!
The God Who Serves
Conversational Prayer
Four Quadrants
Personal log
Power of WOW!
We Don't Need Teachers. . .
How NOT to buy a new church building
Your youth group can transform your church
Two teachers are easier to get than one
The coming singles revolution
This Is a Football
The Single Most Important Factor
I Have Seen the Future!
Why Northwest Baptist Will Double
The Coming Singles Revolution
Two Teachers May Be Easier to Find Than One
Your Youth Group Can Change Your Church
(How the "Rock the Flock 9.3.0 Service changed my church
How to Buy a Church Building
We Don't Need Teachers
Power Lunch & the Four Quadrants
Personal Log
The Order of Things
The Best Story of 2002
Interactive Video Supplement Released
An Epidemic of Loneliness
What Are We Trying To Create?
Three Marks of Great Teaching
The Second Priority is the Key
MP3 Will Change Your Life and Ministry
The Attractiveness of God
An Open Letter to a Pastor who Doubled
How a “3” Can Be a “10”
The Most Shocking Discovery of the Summer
Two Questions That Can Change Eternity
Jonathan Only Lived About Fifteen Minutes
Big, Big Dream
Benchmarks Get You Doubling
Is Your Group Like the New York City Bus or Tour Bus?
How to Make Web Pages that Attract Visitors
The Best Idea Since Whiteboard
The Power of the Celebrity
The Longing
God Commands Shrewdness
The Franchising of America
One Cool Way to do Training
What divorce taught me about marriage.
Alpha: A NEW Way to Reach People
Basics of Servant Evangelism
Lessons on Servant Evangelism
How to Do Servant Evangelism
I Love It!
The Church Exists as a Small Group
Deal Killers to Disciplemaking
We Teach Too Little Because We Try to Teach Too Much
Making Class Interesting When the Passage is Boring
Getting Your Class To Talk
Chainsaw Method For Improving Sabbath School
10 Excellent Ways* to Make Sure Visitors Don’t Come Back to Your
urch** Ever Again!
How to Start a Second Sunday School
How to Start an Off-Campus Bible Study
If I Were a Denominational Worker
How do churches grow anyway?
The One Time When Giving Friday Nights to Jesus Does Not Work
High Expectations Churches
Changes That Heal, by Dr. Henry Cloud
You've Got to Be Believed to Be Heard by Bert Decker
Chapter Two: Emotion Versus Fact
Chapter Three: Your Personal Impact
What is a Sunday School Director to Do?
"What to Say When You're Dyin' On the Platform!" by Lilly Walters
Secrets of Successful Speakers - How You Can Motivate, Captivate and Persuade" by Lilly Walters
Inspire Any Audience, by Tony Jeary
Church Growth Strategy: Our Reachable Nation
Philosophy Behind Good Question Sunday School Lessons
RESPONDING TO LEARNER PARTICIPATION by Terry Powell You Can Lead a Bible Discussion Group
"10 Surprises" by Thom Rainer Effective Evangelistic Churches
Why Nobody Learns Much of Anything At Church Anymore and How to Fix It by Thom and Joani Schultz
7 Laws of the Learner by Bruce Wilkinson
Church Growth by Dictaphoneing Around
Enjoying God and Sharing the Joy
Enjoying God and the Church
Enjoying God and the Kingdom
How Big Is Your Dream?
The Nike Church Growth Formula: Just Do It!
What Really Keeps Churches and Classes From Growing?
Saintmaking: Its Tougher Than You Think
The Real Key to Church Growth: Good News Always, Always, Always Travels Fast
The Skillful Use of Questions in Teaching Adults
When Not to Teach
Too Much Prayer in the Classroom Can Kill Your Group
People Who Are Opposed to the Gospel Are Not Opposed to Ice Cream
Recruiting People to Ministry
How to Reproduce New Groups
Four Reasons Why the Multiple Services Can Help Get Church Growth
How to Introduce a Contemporary Service in a Traditional Church and Double Your Attendance
Saturday Night's All Right For Worship
How to Muzzle the Overly Talkative Person
The Power of "Wow!"
The Priority of Small Group Life
How Do You Measure Success?
Good Question: Why Questions Are the Best Way to Teach Adults
Ten Marks of Great Teachers
The Importance of a Half-way Decent Lesson
How to Create Tension in Class