Sermon-based Lessons

Recently, Josh has written sermon based lessons that go along with my weekly sermons to my congregation. This has provided a new level of alignment between the topics I present from the pulpit and the conversations that happen in our Connection Groups. Our people love it and it is a great complement to our worship services. 

Stephen Cutchins,
Pastor, North Augusta Baptist

Good Questions Have Groups Talking

Our little church has really enjoyed Good Questions. They love the open discussion. We have grown too! The local folks are buzzing about Providence Sunday school.
Only by the grace of God.
Tina Leonard

Why we must discuss

We are changed more by what we say than what we hear. People who speak words of gratitude become more grateful. People who speak words of love become more loving. People who complain become grumpier. We must lead people to be people who are, "speaking the truth in love, we will grow." (Ephesians 4.15

Good Questions Have Groups Talking

Good Questions have groups talking, thinking, growing, pondering, changing. We have 100 examples of Jesus using questions to teach. The classic example is when He led his disciples through a series of questions to have Peter declare, "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God." Jesus knew that when Peter declared this truth, he would be changed by it.

Good Questions Save You Time

If you have been studying and teaching the Bible for a while, prep time can be greatly reduced through the use of Good Questions. Perhaps you are a pastor and/or have been to seminary and/or have just been studying the Bible for years. All you need is 20 or so ready-to-use questions and you are good to go.

Weary of Struggling to Find Teachers?

I used to struggle to find and recruit Sunday School teachers -before I started writing Good Questions that Have Groups Talking.

Small Group Life's Two Biggest Problems

When I was a Group Pastor I had two problems

  1. I couldn’t get enough leaders
  2. Many of the leaders I did have were boring

How could Good Questions solve both of these problems?

We had the privilege of hosting Josh Hunt for our mid winter Sunday Morning Bible Study leadership conference. The emphasis on investing and building relationships is the key to reaching our society today. If you have not had the opportunity to have Josh Hunt in your church or attend one of his conferences, make plans to involve your leadership. His concepts will make a difference in your thinking about how simple it really is to reach out to people.

Charles Stanley

Josh Hunt believes in the power of the small group ministry in your church. And, his belief is contagious. In his new book, Make My Group Grow, Josh presents sound application to easy to understand research that will benefit every size and style of church. Your groups and leadership will benefit from this book.

Ed Stetzer

Josh Hunt’s book should be read by all who are looking for new ways to reach people.

Rick Warren

Discussion-based Lessons

Discussion-based lessons have groups talking and changing. We are changed more by what we say than what we hear. "Instead SPEAKING the truth (not just hearing the truth) we will grow." Ephesians 4.15

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Sin is a suicidal action

Here the results of Jonah’s disobedience are immediate and dramatic. There is a mighty storm directed right at Jonah. Its suddenness and fury are something even the pagan sailors can discern as being of supernatural origin. That is not the norm, however. The results...

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One Choice

When Moses encountered the burning bush, he had some legitimate questions. He wondered where God had been for the last four hundred years while Israel suffered. He wondered why God let him fail so miserably the first time he tried to rescue Israel. Now he wondered how...

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The Darwinian Myth

The crux of the argument for both evolution and creation seems to rest on the idea of complexity of life. Evolution views the complexity of life as a result of billions of years of adaption and living things moving from simple to complex in order to survive. Creation...

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Discipleship and Mission

We have just released a new Bible Study based on the theme: Discipleship and Mission These lessons are available on Amazon, as we as a part of my Good Questions Have Groups Talking Subscription Service. Like Netflix for Bible Lessons, one low subscription gives you...

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The most important decision of your life

When I heard the voice come out of that little speaker, it felt like an angel was calling my name from heaven. Prior to that moment, I’d never even noticed the little speaker located on the control panel in the elevator. But for the greater part of an hour it had...

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Buildings can limit a church’s growth. If God wants to move powerfully and save thousands, they won’t fit. Buildings also limit a church’s ability to decline. If God wants to prune the church, we won’t be able to pay the bills. If our church model requires God to work...

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God gets us

On a splendid April afternoon in 2008, two college women’s softball teams—one from Oregon, one from Washington—squared off beneath the blue sky of the Cascade Mountains. Inside a chain-link fence before a hundred fans, the two teams played a decisive game. The winner...

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Costly grace

Costly grace is the hidden treasure in the field, for the sake of which people go and sell with joy everything they have. It is the costly pearl, for whose price the merchant sells all that he has; it is Christ’s sovereignty, for the sake of which you tear out an eye...

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Disobedience and consequences

The dismaying news is that every act of disobedience to God has a storm attached to it. This is one of the great themes of the Old Testament wisdom literature, especially the book of Proverbs. We must be careful here. This is not to say that every difficult thing that...

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Cheap grace

Cheap grace is the mortal enemy of our church. Our struggle today is for costly grace. Cheap grace means grace as bargain-basement goods, cut-rate forgiveness, cut-rate comfort, cut-rate sacrament; grace as the church’s inexhaustible pantry, from which it is doled out...

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One leader I talked to used the Hyatt hotel chain as an illustration. In 2015 Hyatt had 97,000 employees.4 By contrast, Airbnb had 2,300. Yet Airbnb had far more rooms available than Hyatt! In fact, three years later they have more rooms available than the top five...

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Can I Believe in Life After Death?

I will never forget the first time that it happened to me. I was a young pastor and had been talking to one of our church member’s friends. I didn’t know all the details, but it was obvious that he was really down on God and really down on the church. He was involved...

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In the presence of Greatness

When I was a kid, my greatest ambition was to meet Michael Jordan. I was a nine-year-old North Carolinian when he hit the game-winning shot against Georgetown to secure the second national championship for the University of North Carolina. From that point on, “Air...

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Francis Chan: Go Small

I believe God is leading a movement in this country toward simple, smaller gatherings, and I long to see this movement gain greater traction. I get so excited when I dream about the Church spreading in small, invigorating expressions that look and feel like the early...

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Grace for the Humble

God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble. —1 Peter 5:5 NKJV When he wasn’t flying his private jet across the Atlantic or watching sunsets from the deck of one of his yachts, he was living a life of luxury inside his ten-thousand-square-foot Lexington...

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Francis Chan: Church Practices

Below are some of the practices we have found helpful in achieving our values. Daily Bible Readings. We want people to be obsessed with Jesus. We believe the most effective way of cultivating this is by spending time alone with God in the Scriptures daily. Our members...

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How outsiders evaluate the church

First, we learn that people outside the community of faith have a right to evaluate the church on its commitment to the good of all. The sailors are in peril. They have used what technology and religious resources they have, but these are not enough. They sense that...

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Fulfilled prophecy

As a young Christian, I didn’t know much about the Bible and knew even less about Bible prophecy, yet as I looked for answers, I soon discovered that fulfilled prophecy sets the Bible apart from all other religious writings. Fulfilled prophecy was objective, not...

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Do you have doubts?

Sometimes people in my church ask me sheepishly, “Pastor, have you ever had doubts?” I always say “no” just to mess with them. Every year I teach a class for college students at our church on the “hard” questions of the Christian faith. I started one class by saying,...

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Francis Chan: How to do church

In 2013 I gathered about twenty people at my house. I didn’t have a detailed plan, just a lot of convictions. At our first gathering, I remember saying I wanted us to be focused on pursuing everything I saw in the New Testament. I wanted to see deep familial love and...

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Your prayers have power

When a believing person prays, great things happen. —James 5:16 NCV I accompanied Denalyn on some errand running recently. We stopped at a store called OfficeMax so she could buy a calendar. As we walked through the parking lot, I pointed at the sign and said, “Honey,...

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A god of his own making

Jonah wants a God of his own making, a God who simply smites the bad people, for instance, the wicked Ninevites and blesses the good people, for instance, Jonah and his countrymen. When the real God—not Jonah’s counterfeit—keeps showing up, Jonah is thrown into fury...

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Sample Good Questions

You can sample Good Questions for free.

A group of 10 that doubles every 18 months will reach 1000 people for God in 10 years.

–Josh Hunt

People who are opposed to the gospel are not opposed to ice cream.

Josh Hunt

It is a sin to bore people with the Gospel

–Howard Hendricks

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Sunday School University

For nearly thirty years, Dr. Bill Tolar and Dr. Brian Harbour have helped thousands of Sunday School teachers prepare their lessons by means of video.  Each week, they  provide an insightful walk through this week's scriptures and provide concrete Bible-to-life application points for you to make with your class this Sunday.  Their video lesson previews are available for both the Life and Explore Series materials. We have arranged a special one-month free trial of their videos for anyone who mentions  Click here for more information or to get your free trial.

Josh Hunt believes in the power of the small group ministry in your church. And, his belief is contagious. In his new book, Make Your Group Grow, Josh presents sound application to easy to understand research that will benefit every size and style of church. Your groups and leadership will benefit from this book.

Ed Stetzer,
President of
LifeWay Research,

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