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I served for 11 years as a Minister of Education. During that time the church enjoyed eleven consecutive years of growth. The number one problem I had was the struggle to find teachers. It seemed that everyone was too busy or overly committed or the kids were driving them nuts or they needed to take care of mom and them. I struggled for years to find good teachers--teachers who would lead lively discussions instead of boring lectures.

The secret to growing a church is starting new groups. It is a proven fact that new groups grow better than old groups. Most groups plateau and fail to reach new people after two years. What keeps us from starting new groups? Finding new teachers to lead these groups.

I struggled for years, and then, I didn't struggle to find teachers any more. Once I started writing Good Questions That Have Groups Talking, I never struggled to find teachers again.

Here are some of the key benefits of using Good Questions That Have Groups Talking as a downloadable curriculum for your teachers:

I love using your lessons. I use them almost every Sunday. They really do get the conversation going. I usually learn more from my class input in 45 minutes than I do studying the background info, for hours, on each lesson. These lessons nearly always provide insight I would never have seen.   Thank you for taking the time to write these lesson questions. I believe my presentation would be a lot less interesting without your help.
Your friend,
Brian Newell
Life Community Church
Jamestown NC
class age 35-75
  • They make it much easier to prepare and teach. If you can read 20 questions, you can lead a class.

  • Because it is so much easier to teach, it is much easier to recruit teachers. You have lots of people who would be happy to lead a group if it didn't not mean laborious, time-consuming preparation.

  • Because it is easier to recruit teachers, it is easier to start new classes. Students that come out of classes that use Good Questions realize you don't have to be a Bible Scholar to teach a class--not with these lessons.

  • Can be used with or without Lifeway Literature. I write lessons that correspond with the Bible Studies for Life Series, Explore the Bible Series, and Masterwork Series (My favorite.) Good Questions can be used as a supplement to Lifeway's literature, or as stand alone downloadable curriculum. I also write lessons that supplement the International Standard Series that is used by a number of denominations.

  • Good Questions make groups more interesting. Lectures are hard to make interesting and easy to make boring. Discussions are easy to make interesting and hard to make boring. A conversation is inherently interesting.

  • Ever need a last minute sub? If you ever have a teacher call you on Saturday saying they cannot make it, you will be extra glad you signed up  for Good Questions. Finding a sub is easy when all they have to do is log in, print a lesson, read over it, and read 20 questions to the class.

  • These lessons have a strong application orientation. Every lesson will ask questions that explore, "What are we going to do about what we heard today?"

  • Good Questions That Have Groups Talking are economical.

  • Good Questions are web-based and available day and night. You receive a username and password that all of your teachers can use to access lessons at their convenience. Individual plans also available.

What exactly are these lessons like?

  • Each lesson consists of about 20 questions that are ready-to-use. They make preparation a snap and almost teach themselves. If you can read 20 questions, you can teach a lesson.

    By the way using the strategy of fellowship and a decent lesson we have grown from 12 to 40 in 2 and a half years.  By using Good Questions Have Groups Talking, there is always something that penetrates my spirit and sets my mind to work. Josh Hunt's Good Quewtions, try them.  Your teaching will be anointed! 
    -John Ford
    Highland Terrace Baptist Church
    Greenville, Texas
    Believer Class
    Age 60-graduation
  • Answers are provided in the form of quotes from some of the best commentaries and books available.

  • Many lessons have a creative element, such as a video clip or an object lesson.

  • 4 new lessons are added each week that correspond with three of Lifeway's curriculum outlines, as well as the International Standard Series. Over 3,000 lessons are available. With one subscription, you get access to ALL 3000 lessons.

  • Samples are available for you to examine and try. Click here.

Who writes these lessons?

  • All lessons are written by me,  Josh Hunt.

  • I am a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. I have an M.Div. with and emphasis in Greek.

  • I served as Minister of Education for 11 years at Calvary Baptist Church, Las Cruces, NM. During the time I served on staff, Calvary enjoyed 11 consecutive years of growth. We went from one Sunday School and one service to 4 services and 4 Sunday Schools.

  • I have published 10 books:

    • You Can Double Your Class In Two Years or Less

      I have used lessons from Joshhunt.com probably for about as long as the website was launched….maybe 10+ years ago?  Time flies when you’re having fun! If you’re looking for something to supplement or replace traditional Bible study lessons (read: snoozers), then I’ve always found great ideas from Josh’s lesson outlines. Most often I can use them pretty much as is—and the adult classes (young couples and now middle-age couples) I’ve taught always get into the discussion and are personally involved in the learning process. My suggestion is to take Josh’s lessons and add a pertinent comic strip from www.frankandearnest.com(you can search by topic) and you’re good to go.
      Thanks, Josh. 
      Kirk Wakefield
      Harris Creek Baptist Church 
      Waco, TX 
      (also Professor of Marketing, Baylor University)
    • Disciplemaking Teachers

    • Double Services, Double Sunday Schools

    • Make Your Group Grow

    • 10 Marks of INCREDIBLE Teachers

    • Give Friday Nights to Jesus

    • One Magnificent Obsession

    • The Amazing Power of Doubling Groups

    • You Can Double Your Church in Five Years or Less

    • Enjoying God

  • I have received commendations on my books from such people as Rick Warren, the late Bill Bright, John Maxwell and Ed Stetzer.

  • I  conduct about 75 training conferences a year based on the books I  have written. I have spoken at some of America's leading churches including First Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA, Pastor), Thomas Road Baptist in Lynchburg, VA (Jonathan Falwell, pastor),  First Baptist Church, Orlando, FL (David Uth, pastor) and First Baptist Church, Springdale, AR (Ronnie Floyd, pastor).

  • I have recently started pastoring a small church in the country--Salem Baptist Church

  • I have been writing these lessons for two decades and had probably written more Bible Study lessons than any other human, living or dead. Over 3000 lessons are available on this site. 4 new lessons are added each week.

What is the theology of these lessons?

I have a a degree in theology with an emphasis in Greek from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I  grew up as a Southern Baptist missionary's kid and have served Baptist Churches my whole adult life. With this background you can expect lessons that are in the mainstream of evangelical / Baptist thought.

God has utilized these Lesson's to minister to us.  The questions are really good for facilitating meaningful conversation.  Our class grew from 10 people to more than 40 in one year!!!  We don't have a room big enough for us now.  The format saves us time in preparation in order that we might be able to work on the ministry needs of our class.
Jim Cox
Lubbock, TX
Indiana Ave. Baptist Church

Within the framework of mainstream Baptist / evangelical thought, the theology of these lessons are not tied to a particular theological bent. I might, in fact, have quotes from commentaries that present conflicting points of view. I might quote John MacArthur in one question who has a Calvinistic perspective and quote a non-Calvinistic author in the next question. There may be premillennial   perspective in one quote and an amillinial perspective in another. 

The idea is to present a collegial approach where we do not spoon-feed a particular theological perspective. Rather on issues where Christian scholars disagree, we let the teacher decide for himself.

If there is a theological bias, it is around this theme: it is always in our best interest to live the Christian life. God is good. It is good to follow Him. It is always good for us to follow Him. God is a rewarder (Hebrews 11.6). We will be rewarded as we follow God. I will often ask question along the lines of, "How does it benefit us to pray?" and "How does it benefit us to forgive?"

How do these lessons differ from what you already have?

Several key differences make these lessons unique:

  • As the name implies, these questions are question-based. Each lessons consists of around 20 ready-to-use questions. Answers are provided either just below the question (newer format) or in footnotes (older lessons).

  • The answers are from well respected commentators as well as quotes from a growing library of books. Using Amazon's Kindle, I can provide quotes directly from popular Christian books. Most curriculum writers are writers for hire. They are pastors and college Bible professors who are competent writers but not world-class writers. You will find quotations in these lessons from some of the best writers on the planet. Recently, I have quoted from all of the following:

    • John MacArthur

      Your lesson helps are the best resource I have found for helping me in the Sunday School class. They save time preparation time, and the questions often change the course of discussion in the classroom. 
      David Ashcraft
      Adults (Open Enrollment)
      Bethlehem Baptist Church
      Knightdale, NC
    • Warren Weirsbe

    • Joyce Meyer

    • Beth Moore

    • Lee Strobel

  • Many (although, not all) lessons include a creative element--a movie clip or an object lesson. Often times there is a suggestion to email the group and ask them to do some research before class or to watch a youtube video.

  • The lessons have a very practical, positive orientation. I love living the Christian life and I want those who use my lessons to come to love it to. For me, Christian living is not about duty and obligation so much as it is about grace and joy and love. My goal is to lead people to live the John 10.10 abundant Christian life.

What is the history behind these lessons?

When I served as a Minister of Education, I sought to lead by example. As such, I always taught a group. One particular group grew rapidly and I struggled to find teachers. One day, a man in the group noticed how I was going about the teaching--reading from a list of 20 or so questions I had prepared to teach the class. This man made me and offer, "You keep writing those lessons, and I will teach the class." Soon all the teachers wanted these lessons and I began distributing them to all the teachers. I never struggled to find teachers again.

If you liked sitting in class listening to a boring professor go on forever and you think your Sunday School students enjoy that too, then these lessons aren't for you!  On the other hand, if you enjoy leading a lively discussion about a particular passage of scripture, these lessons will prompt your class to think and then ask great questions.  The resulting discussions are honest and from the heart.
Randy Smith
The Together Class
Ages 25-35
Thomas Road Baptist Church
Lynchburg, VA

I began mailing lessons to other churches for a time. But, with the cost of postage and the expense of printing the lessons, this approach had limited success.

When the Internet came along, I saw immediately that this was the distribution system that I had been looking for. For many years, I wrote and distributed these lessons for free. As time went along, I began spending so much time on the lessons that it became a virtual full-time job for me.

Another major expense in providing the lessons is the growing library of books that I use as source material. I purchase new books every week in either Amazon's Kindle format or for WordSearch.

Are Good Questions for everybody?

No. Your cerebral, bookish types will not like Good Questions all that much. They will appeal most to the people you have in your church who are good Christians, have good people skills, have some leadership ability, but hesitate to sign up to teach because of the many hours of preparation using the traditional approach.

These ready-to-use lessons appeal to the teacher who is busy and likes presenting a discussion-oriented lesson.

How exactly does the subscription work?

Sign up is quick and easy. There are no long-term commitments; cancel any time. You can sign up with or without PayPal.

With PayPal, sign up automated and you get your username and password right away. If you sign up for the church subscription, you can immediately distribute the username and password to all your teachers (and students if you want) and they can start using them right away. Renewal is also automatic. As long as your Paypal information is current your service will never be interrupted. You can sign up for either monthly renewal or annual renewal. Again, cancel any time. (Who would want to?)

I teach a couple's class, age range from late 20's to early 40's.  I was looking for a way to liven up my class when I discovered Mr. Hunt's "Good Questions Have Groups Talking". What a transformation has occurred in the people! Not only in the class attendees but in myself!  These lessons get almost every one involved in the discussions.  A God-send, for sure!  No more boring lectures!  Thanks, Mr. Hunt, for all you do. 
Donna Helms
Unity Baptist Church
Dallas, GA

If you wish to sign up without Paypal, we can work that way as well. Accounts are set up manually. They are set up in a timely way--usually within 24 hours. At the end of your annual term, you will receive a notice. If you wish to renew, you can do so at that time. We are pretty sure you will!

Once you receive your username and password, here is how you access lessons:

  • Go to www.joshhunt.com

  • Click on lessons

  • Click on whatever series you want. If you are not sure, click on ALL LESSONS

  • Keep clicking till you are blocked by a pop-up box asking for a username and password.

  • Enter the username and password. I always copy (ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v) to avoid mistakes. 99% of the tech support calls we get are due to mistyping the password. There should be a little check box instructing the computer to remember your password. If you check this, you will never have to type this again. It is a good idea to keep up with it however, in case the computer has a glitch.

  • If you forget your password or need help, call us at 575 650 4564, or (better yet) email us at [email protected] . We are happy to help.

You can sign up as an individual or as a church. If you sign up as an individual, subscriptions are available for only $5.99 a month or $39.99 a year. There is an affordable sliding scale for churches.

If I sign up my church, how do I get the most out of Good Questions?

Churches that get the most bang for their buck out of Good Questions make copies of them in the office and distribute them to their teachers. Although it is not difficult to access the lessons online, some of our teachers are less computer savvy than others and may struggle a bit. For this reason, you are encouraged to make physical copies of the lessons and distribute them to all of your teachers. Feel free to allow the teachers to have your username/ password as well.

Is there a guarantee? What if I don't like them?

Yes, if these lessons are not what you expected, contact me at [email protected] or 575 650 4564 and we will gladly refund your money. Not hassle. No questions asked.

By the way, this is my personal cell phone and email. If you call, I will be the one answering. (I am on Mountain Standard Time so don't call too early!)

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