I give my life to helping groups double every two years or less. I think about it all the time. It is often what I think about before I go to bed and often it is the first waking thought when I get up in the morning. I’d love to do what I can to help your groups double every two years or less. Here are five ways I can serve you and your groups.

Live conferences.

There is nothing like a live conference to motivate and equip your people to double every two years or less. For a current list of conferences that are scheduled, click here.  For details on hosting a conference, click here. I also offer more extensive consulting (coaching your teachers) for those who want additional help.

Lesson helps

There is a reason why many of our classes are not growing. It is a reason we don’t like to talk about too much: the classes are not that interesting. (Dare I say it?) Sometimes they are boring. They did a study that revealed that if you took all the people who actually sleep in Sunday School and laid them out end to end. . . well, they would all be a whole lot more comfortable.

Every week I write 4 new lessons I call Good Questions Have Groups Talking. These correspond with three of Lifeway’s curriculums, plus the International Standard Series. They can be used stand-alone or supplementally. Each lesson consists of 20 or so ready-to-use questions that get groups talking with answers from well-known authors and world-class commentators.  They make the classroom experience more like Max Lucado and less like a commentary. They also make it so easy to teach that they make it easier to find workers. Once I started using these lessons, I never struggled to find teachers again.

E-newsletter / blog

If you would like regular reminders about issues related to how to teach groups, grow groups, make disciples, reproduce groups, train workers, etc, I have a blog and an E-newsletter list. Check it out at the main page at www.joshhunt.com