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Good Questions
have groups talking!

1. Good Questions improve the quality of the group experience. Discussions are inherently more interesting than lecture.
2. Good Questions correspond with Lifeway's Lessons and the International Standard Series. Can be used stand-alone in conjunction with what you already use.
3. Good Questions save the teachers time. Each lesson consists of about 20 ready-to-use questions. See free sample below.
4. Answers to questions provided from the best of the best--commentaries like MacArthur, Wiersbe, and the Holman Commentary
5. Good Questions make it easier to recruit teachers. Teachers want to be successful. They don't want to get in front of a group and feel stupid. Good Questions insure success, making it easier to recruit teachers.
6. Good Questions make it easier to create new groups. Because it is easier to recruit teachers, it becomes easier to start new groups.
7. Good questions really come in handy when you need a last minute substitute. This probably never happens to you, but if it ever does, you will be glad you subscribed to Good Questions.

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Josh Hunt's book should be read by all who are looking for new ways to reach people.
Rick Warren
Author, Purpose Driven Life

Growth means change. Not every change brings growth, but all growth brings change. Josh has given anyone who is serious about the Great Commission some new thoughts that call for change. If followed, I believe they will bring growth to the church.

John Maxwell
Author, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Every church can greatly benefit from reading You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less. It is a basic book of encouragement for the building of Sunday School and Bible Study groups that can be greatly used of God to build great participation. The ideas are creative and exciting. I encourage you to give prayerful consideration to these significant pages.
James T. Draper
Former President, Lifeway Christian Resources

Josh Hunt provides innovative and practical ways to improve both the quantity and quality in the Sunday School class. Prayerfully following his ideas will result in a dramatic increase in effectiveness and fruitfulness for our Lord
Bill Bright,
Late Founder and President
-Campus Crusade for Christ International

The easiest road to church growth is to build around growing classes with gifted teachers and skilled leaders. This book lays out a detailed road map for that strategy.
Lyle Schaller
Church Consultant

You Can Double has the potential of being one of the most significant books of this decade. It is a breath of fresh air. Once you get started, you cannot put it down. You may even shout "glory!" It is one of the best books I wish I had written. If the advancement of the Gospel means anything to you, you'll be thrilled with the insights of this book. Josh Hunt will stretch you to the limits.
Joe Aldrich
Multnomah Bible College and Biblical Seminary

This could be THE most important high impact challenging book for churches interested in growing and having a significant kingdom influence as we approach and crash right through AD 2000! Radically disrupt Satan's comfort zones -- celebrate Sunday school! It is STILL...hands down...the premier small group in America.
John Vaughan
Editor, Church Growth Today


Josh Hunt has prepared an exciting manuscript to challenge Sunday School teachers to double their class within two years. It's not a dry formula. This book breathes excitement and passion.
Elmer Towns
Church Growth Institute

This is the way to reach people for Christ and the church. Josh Hunt tells us how to do it.
Leith Anderson
Pastor, Wooddale Church
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

You Can Double is a revolutionary concept based upon the tried and true principles of church growth. Josh Hunt shows us that the Sunday School is not a dinosaur headed for extinction, but a dynamic tool that can be used to reach many people for Christ. But he warns us that we cannot be content with the status quo. That is the excitement of You Can Double. It takes us away from the status quo to the exciting mission field where the harvest is truly ripe.
Thom S. Rainer
Lifeway Christian Resources

In the fall of 1994 we used You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less as our training course for Sunday School Preparation Week for the Adult Divisions. In one year our adult Bible study attendance is up over 40%. One of our young couples classes grew from ten to twenty-two in attendance in just a three months. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of these concepts. They really do work! You Can Double Your Class In Two Years or Less will have an explosive impact on Sunday Schools across the country.

Matt Adams, Minister of Education,
El Camino Baptist, Sacramento, CA
Co-author, Need a New Hook?

Josh Hunt gives practical advice about how to grow a class. It should be read and heeded by all church leaders.
Ebbie Smith
Professor, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Josh Hunt gets his message across. Again and again he affirms the essential qualities of small groups that result in growth. The principles of attention, attraction, and cultivation and persistence are taught. One of his most helpful reminders is to "have fun" in the work. The Hunt plan isn't the only plan, but if you will work the plan, it will work.
Paul Powell
Past President, Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less takes the mystery out of Sunday School Growth. It is nuts and bolts stuff that works. I took a class of adults, applied those principles, and went from 5 to 20 in 6 months. This system flat works.
Jim Wilson
Pastor, Alameda Baptist Church

You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less is one of those works that you didn't read in seminary, but you should have! Ministry is all about people, and this work will help you to understand and relate more effectively to them.
Aubrey Malphurs, Ph.D.
Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary
President, Vision Ministries International

Josh Hunt's Double Your Class In Two Years or Less is full of practical ideas for touching people's lives. It is not a book about numbers, it's a book about people. I appreciated the balance between practical ideas for doing the work of ministry and connecting with Christ who provides the power for ministry.
Tom Holladay
Pastor of Maturity
Saddleback Valley Community Church

You Can Double is both readable and practical. It is chocked full of take-home ideas that you can put to work this weekend. If you do the things Josh suggests, you surely will double your class in two years or less.
Larry Shotwell
Minister of Adult Education/ Outreach
First Baptist Church of San Angelo

Josh Hunt has placed within the hands of the church a tool which can revolutionize the process of outreach and growth within the body. Double Your Class is more than a compilation of programs. It is a systematic approach to revitalizing your Sunday School program and fulfilling the Great Commission.
Glen Martin
Finding Them, Keeping Them;
The Issachar Factor: Understanding Trends that Confront Your Church

You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less is both motivational and substantive. The church, like every other living organism, must grow through the multiplication of cells. But cell life is equally vital for the qualitative dimension of church growth. People grow in groups rather than in isolation. Josh Hunt's treatment is full of that practical wisdom which only the practitioner can supply. May it provide both renewed wisdom and enhanced skills in the promotion of small groups for the spread of the Gospel and the building of the kingdom of God.
Eddie Gibbs
I Believe in Church Growth, and
In Name Only

Let It Grow!

(Baker, 1993)

Your idea of the multi-congregation church portends the future for Southern Baptists, especially in the great metropolitan areas. We need to start literally thousands in areas where the cost of land and construction is prohibitive.
Larry Lewis
President, Home Mission Board

Josh Hunt's Let It Grow! is provoking another episode in the expanding conversation on reconfiguring the church of the future. By exploring how one staff can cover multiple services and multiple campuses, and how multiple staffs can operate on one campus, he is enlarging the vocabulary by which churches can articulate their futures.

The multi-service , multi-congregational, and multi campus churches of the future will certainly burst the old wineskins with which most of us were reared.
Carl F. George
Director, Charles E. Fuller Institute of Evangelism and Church Growth
Pasadena, California

I really believe that if we can get leaders to see the vision and break out of the boxes with multiple services, ministries, and groups, at all different times, places and ways, that we will see the Great Commission fulfilled. I agree with Josh 100% that multiple use of buildings and resources is good stewardship and it is the very best way to fulfil the Great Commission.
Dale Galloway
Senior Pastor, New Hope Community Church
Portland, Oregon

Josh Hunt shows the whys and hows of the multi-congregation church--an emphasis vastly needed on today's church growth terrain. Here at last we find the imperative emphasis and detailed guidance for overcoming the "edifices complex." This book could turn around the dilemma of falling growth rates in many denominations. "Let It Grow" may well be Southern Baptists most significant contribution to the church growth field in the last decade -perhaps ever.
Dr. Ebbie Smith
Professor of Ethics and Missions
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth, Tx.
Author, Balanced Church Growth

Josh Hunt has written some excellent material in Let It Grow! that deserves the attention of church leaders across America.
Keith Walker
Associate Director, Evangelism and Church Growth Department
Home Mission Board

Josh has written a challenging work worth every church leader's consideration. The church of today will be impotent by the year 2000 unless some present paradigms are challenged. Josh is pioneering this challenge.
Randy Pope
Pastor, Perimeter Church, Atlanta, Georgia

Let It Grow! is terrific! Josh has an excellent writing style and a timely topic. That makes for a great book. It is a message that our churches desperately need to hear. There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Josh has put his finger on the pulse beat of the modern church. He blends the theoretical and the practical in a way that makes the book a useful tool to churches that want to grow.
Paul Powell
President, Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
Author, Nuts and Bolts of Church Growth

There is a paradigm shift taking place in American Christianity. We are rediscovering the old truth that the most effective way to reach unchurched people is through a congregation indigenous to the community among whom it is gathered. We are rediscovering that the only way to reach all the people in a culturally diverse culture is through multi-congregational churches. Josh Hunt has stated this concept in terms of biblical context and in pragmatic detail. Don't miss this bright, readable, powerful book.
Dr. Charles Chaney
Vice President, Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
Co-author, Design for Church Growth

Josh's book is informal, conversational, and full of energy. If offers practical, streetwise strategy that will be appreciated by church leaders who want their congregations to grow.
Marshall Shelly
Editor, Leadership Magazine

Josh Hunt's Let It Grow! is mind stretching, relevant and good reading too. The multi- congregation church is an emerging model of ministry for the 21st Century Church.
Leith Anderson
Author, Dying for Change

Let It Grow! challenges the church to grow and gives practical suggestions to make it happen. Because Josh Hunt is associated with a local church, there are many practical suggestions.
Elmer Towns
Dean, School of Religion, Liberty University