Missy Hunt, Presenter
Executive Summary

Time needed: 1.5 - 5 hours

Honorarium - $400 non-Sundays; $500 for Sundays.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Professional background: Public School Teacher

Church background: I have taught every age group of children at one time or another.

Travel expenses (airfare from El Paso, TX, rental car, gas, etc.) - flat rate of $200 if part of a tour, otherwise, actual expenses.

One night’s hotel stay (this is usually already taken care of since arrangements are made for Josh in advance and we share a room)

Meals during my time with you.

I will need a projector to show a very simple Power Point presentation as I speak. I also ask that you supply pens or pencils for the attendees to use as they take notes on the outline packet that I will provide.

The outline and basic truths taught in K.I.D.T.E.A.C.H. are as follows:

K - Kids need to know they are loved

I - Invite every student, visitor, prospect, and their parents to a monthly fellowship

D - Discipline may be necessary

T - Teach an interesting lesson

E - Early birds...you must be prepared for them

A - Arrive early (teacher that means you)

C - Check your attitude before arriving on Sunday morning

H - Have all supplies and lessons ready before arriving on Sunday morning


The outline for the K.I.D.R.E.A.C.H. talk is as follows:

K - KIDS reaching kids 

I - INVESTIGATE your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher

D - DROP-OFF KIDS… we can’t let them drop out

R - REACHING out in love

E - ENGAGE yourself in the culture

A - ALWAYS be prepared to teach the lesson

C - CARING for others

H - HOW to share the Gospel with kids

My teaching is what I call very "nuts and bolts". Very basic, practical information that teachers can put to use immediately.

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Missy Hunt
1964 Sedona Hills Parkway
Las Cruces, NM 88011
Phone: 575 650 4564
More conference info: www.joshhunt.com/conference.htm
Link to high quality photo: www.joshhunt.com/images/MissyHigh.jpg


“ Lots of good, practical ideas”

“Very good and informative.”

“Thought provoking. Got my mind churning with new ideas.”

“What I found most helpful was the practicality of each point.”

“I found her honesty and suggestions most helpful.”

“The constant reminder about showing our love to our students was most helpful.”


“She was very encouraging.”

“Helpful information on how to improve your Sunday school lessons and prepare yourself.”

“The most helpful part for me was how to prepare an interesting lesson.”

“I enjoyed your presentation, Missy, and learned several new things.”

“She was very prepared. I enjoyed her presentation very much.”

“Her speaking was very interesting and she showed her love for children.”

“I think she covered just about everything.”