We can take America for God through groups that double every two years or less.  In order to do this, we need pastors and staff--the equippers in the body of Christ to develop the leaders around them.

John Maxwell makes an interesting observation that it is leadership ability, and not philosophy of ministry that makes the difference.  

John MacArthur and Rick Warren have completely different philosophies of ministry, but both are effective because of their leadership ability.  Regardless of your philosophy of ministry, you could benefit from sitting at the feet of John Maxwell and learning how to develop the leaders around you.

I want to encourage you to gather a group of pastors around you to study John Maxwell's fine book, Developing the Leaders Around You.Jesus taught us that the bottleneck of the evangelistic process is the labor shortage.  He taught us to pray and modeled that we are to recruit and train people for ministry. There is no one better to teach us how than John Maxwell.

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Pastor to Pastor Studies

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Core Values

  • The goal of the Virtual.Seminary is to teach pastors to grow churches.
    • 20 million Southern Baptists attending Sunday School by the year 2020.
    • Double the number of God worshipers at all churches by the year 2020.
    • Continue to double the percentage of Christians vss overall population every 20 years.
  • Everything rises and falls on leadership. If we are to realize the goals above, it will be because we improve the quality of leadership in our churches.
  • There is a fundamental flaw in the way we train leaders in that our training tends to be all top-down, lecture oriented. We need to combine this top-down approach with an interactive model.
  • Success is in the details. It is not in the broad principles of church growth; it is in the details implementation of the principles.
  • The need of the hour is not just content delivery and skill building. We also need encouragement and love.
  • We believe in the local autonomy of Virtual.Seminary groups.
  • Virtual.Seminary groups should be growing, inviting, including, multiplying, growing, multiplying groups.
  • There is more to church growth than church growth. Five key study areas for the Virtual.Seminary include
      • Church Growth
      • People skills
      • Preaching & Communication
      • Leadership
      • Spiritual development
  • The goal beyond the goal is to create not only bigger churches, but better churches.
  • The goal beyond the goal is not only to grow churches but to transform a culture.