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I have been writing two or more lessons a week for years--based on Lifeway's Family Bible Series and Explore the Bible Series. These lessons are archived in THE LESSON VAULT. Current Family Bible Series and Explore the Bible Series are added on a weekly basis.

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GOOD QUESTIONS are based on a simple premise: the best way to teach adults is through the skilled use of good questions. Each lesson provides 20 - 30 ready-to-use questions that can make a class come alive with discussion. I have witnessed them transform a class before my eyes.

GOOD QUESTIONS save your teachers time. Because they are in this ready-to-use format, most of the work is done for them. And, quite honestly, it is done better than many of them could do it. Many teachers try to use questions in their teaching, but they just don't know how to ask the kind of questions that will get groups talking. People like to answer a certain kind of question. Other questions just fall flat.

GOOD QUESTIONS are great for when you need a last minute sub. I have seen a sub grab a GOOD QUESTION lesson, walk down the hall and read it while the group is doing prayer requests and announcements. When the announcements and prayer time is completed, I watched as he walked through the lessons and taught a half-way decent lesson with virtually no preparation at all. How much better if he had some preparation time! But, in the real world of church life, stuff happens. Teachers get sick. Sometimes they don't call and you need a sub at the last minute. When that happens, you will be glad you have access to GOOD QUESTIONS.

GOOD QUESTIONS correspond with Lifeway's Explore the Bible and Family Bible series. Because of this, you have access to a wealth of background information that teachers need to really be great teachers. Although teachers can use GOOD QUESTIONS as a kind of instant lesson, I don't recommend it. By writing the lessons to go along with existing curriculum outline, you have the best of both worlds--great commentary and background information to give depth to the presentation, as well as ready-to-use questions that create a lively discussion.

GOOD QUESTIONS make recruiting teachers easier. Because preparation is so much easier, it becomes easier to recruit workers. The need of the hour has always been workers. Jesus told us it would be true. "The harvest is plentiful; the workers are few." The better the tools we can give our teachers, the easier it will be to recruit them. It would be easier to get your kid to mow the 2 acre lawn if you provided a riding lawn mower. I said easier; not easy.

GOOD QUESTIONS make it easier to start new groups. Because it is easier to recruit teachers, it is also easier to start new groups. Growing a Sunday School is all about starting new groups. You double a Sunday School not by doubling the size of each group, but by doubling  the number of groups. GOOD QUESTIONS make it easier.

GOOD QUESTIONS are written with a growth bias. They constantly remind teacher and student alike that we are about the business of doubling our groups. Whenever a text touches on evangelism or related themes I remind the group of the dream of doubling. I remind them that we can double a class every two years or less by inviting every member and every prospect to every fellowship every month.

GOOD QUESTIONS are written from an "Enjoying God." perspective. This is not a guilt-oriented approach. The lessons are written with the viewpoint that it is always in our best interest, over the long haul, to live the Christian life. GOOD QUESTIONS have a driving theme of leading people to be obedient to the command of God to rejoice in the Lord always.

GOOD QUESTIONS are available in THE LESSON VAULT on  a low monthly subscription basis. For less than you spend on coffee and donuts, you can give all your teachers a tool that can transform their teaching. Several payment options are available, either for individuals, or for a church-wide license. Subscriptions are paid through Paypal, which can be used to accept any major credit card. Paypal is an Ebay company and is the #1 payment system on the net. By using PayPal, you are in complete control. You can manage your LESSON VAULT account through your Paypal account. If you ever need to look up your username and password, just log into your Paypal account, and the information is all available to you. If you ever need to cancel your LESSON VAULT account you can do it through your Paypal account.

GOOD QUESTIONS are the perfect reward for your teachers. Test drive at a low monthly rate, or save money by signing up for a whole year.

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