Our new experiment: Regional Double Presenters

If you live near Ocala, FL, Dallas, TX, or Memphis, TN you might consider calling a regional Double Presenter to train your teachers to double.

I am a big believer in the idea that you learn by doing. You learn by trying. You learn by experimenting. You can learn a little by reading, and I read a lot. You can learn some by listening, and I listen a lot, but, ultimately, you learn by doing. You will never learn to golf by reading about golf. You have to golf. And, you will never learn to do whatever it is that God has called you to do by reading about it--though I encourage you to read--you have to dive in and do it.

Who would you rather listen to, a self-taught guitarist who never had a single lesson or read a single book on guitar or music theory but has spent thousands of hours with his hands wrapped around a fret board, strumming and crooning, or a guy who has read every book on guitar available, but has never had his hands on a guitar?

Who would you rather have rescue you, if you were drowning--someone who has read every book on swimming and life-saving techniques, or a guy who grew up pulling people out of the water on the beaches of Hawaii?

You learn by doing.

I read of an experiment conducted where they compared the results to two approaches in two High School pottery classes.

In class #1 they graded on quality. Students could make as many or few pots as they wanted. At the end of the semester, they were required to turn in that one glorious pot for their final grade. The grade was based solely on the quality of that one pot.

Class #2 was graded on quantity. In this class, quality didn't matter. They were not graded on the quality of the pots, but rather on the number of pots created. At the end of the semester, they counted the number of pots thrown, and, based on that number, students were graded. Those who made a lot of pots got a high grade; students that created only a few pots got a low grade.

Question: which class do you think created the best pots? Which class created the most high quality pots?

As it turns out, the class that created the best pots was not the class graded on quality, but the class graded on quantity. How can that be? You learn by doing. In the process of making lots and lots of pots, the class learned to make better and better pots.

This is why, as I wrote in another article, we do well to grow into ministry, not go into ministry.

My experiment

I have an experiment of my own I would like to invite you to consider working with me on.

I did 120 conferences last year. That is as many as I want to do. If I want to get the Doubling Message out to more people, I can't do it by doing any more conferences.

This year, I adapted my plan to encourage churches to involve the association and state convention in promoting events. See www.joshhunt.com/conference.htm for details. This has shown a marked increase (along the lines of doubling) in the attendance of my conferences. I will continue to experiment with ways to get my message to larger crowds, I would also like to experiment with working with Regional Double Presenters.

A Regional Double Presenter is a presenter who presents Double Your Class content to churches in their area. I would like to invite you to consider working with a Regional Double Your Class Presenter. The three that I have recruited so far are:

  • Tim Turner, Ocala, Florida (just north of Orlando)

  • David Smith, Memphis, TN area

  • Bryan Faus, Dallas, TX area

If you happen to live within a couple hundred miles of any of these locations, consider using a Regional Presenter to train your teachers. If you would like to have one of these men speak at your church, contact me at josh@joshhunt.com with three possible dates.

Benefits of Regional Presenters

There are two main benefits of working with a Regional Double Your Class Presenter: availability and cost.

Availability. My calendar stays full. If you would like me to come train your teachers this fall, we may could work out a date, but the calendar is filling up. There are only so many meetings I can do.

By working with Regional Double Your Class Presenters, my goal (if it works) is to raise up dozens, then hundreds of double your class presenters, making thousands of dates available for training.

Cost. I am writing this article in the Roanoke, VA airport. I set my alarm at 4.30 yesterday morning to fly here yesterday. Today, I will have the travel day from the dark side. I fly south to Charlotte, north to Detroit, where I change carriers from US Airways to America West. From Detroit I fly west to Phoenix, then back east to El Paso. From there, I have an hour drive home.

Churches compensate me for such travel. (Usually it is not near that bad.) I charge the same thing to everyone (with rare exceptions) because I don't like negotiating and making deals. Speaking and product sales is my sole source of income. With these financial realities, the cost for hosting a conference is in the range of $1000 - $1500, sometimes more, depending on travel costs and other details.

Regional presenters will live with an entirely different set of financial realties. The presenters will all be practitioners with day jobs--mostly Ministers of Education and Pastors. Rather than traveling half-way across the country, they will be working within a two hundred mile radius of their home. With these financial realities, the cost for a regional presenter will only be $500 plus expenses. If you would like to have one of these men speak at your church, contact me at josh@joshhunt.com with three possible dates. Expenses will normally be just mileage and perhaps one meal. My dream is that this will make it possible to get the double message to a whole new tier of churches that cannot afford the current cost structure.

What about quality?

The best Double Your Class Conferences have not yet been presented and likely won't be presented by me. My goal is to recruit presenters who are more talented than I am who will do a better job than I do in presenting the Double Your Class Vision.

I am confident that the people I have recruited so far will do an excellent job of presenting the why and how of doubling groups. They are all men I have worked with several times and have a bit of a history with them. The truth is, I am with quite a few hosts that I believe could do a fine job of presenting the Double Your Class Content.

I believe they will do a fine job, but I don't actually plan to trust my instinct and hope for the best. The plan is to develop a simple evaluation form that each participant will fill out and give to the host. The host will mail those to me. In this way, we will be able to deal with any presenters who are not presenting in an excellent way.

I anticipate that in time there will be others who will come to me and want to be a Double Your Class Presenter. This evaluation system will make it rather simple to determine their qualifications. I will require that they conduct a seminar on their own, then send me the evaluations.

The Plan

My plan for unfolding this approach involves a series of experiments. My first experiment is to see if I can get speaking opportunities for the three guys I have recruited so far. If you would like to have one of these men speak at your church, contact me at josh@joshhunt.com with three possible dates. I am able to keep my own schedule filled; I am not sure if I will be able to fill their schedules.

Assuming I can open some doors for these to minister, I plan to spend the summer recruiting other presenters. If you are interested in being a presenter, the first step is to host a conference yourself. I am going to feel most comfortable working with people I know at first. Another thing you can do is to seek to find your own opportunities to present. The more practice you have at presenting, the better your presentations, and evaluations will be.

Step three will be to role out a marketing campaign to get more and more opportunities for the presenters to cast a vision for doubling groups.

But then, none of this may work. You learn by doing. So do I. I believe  you have good ideas by having LOTS of ideas. I am particularly excited about this one because it has the potential to get the Double Your Class vision to hundreds of thousands of teachers.

I believe in training. Steve Parr and the Georgia Baptist Convention Sunday School office has done extensive research validating the effectiveness of training. See www.joshhunt.com/mail109.htm If you would like your teachers trained to double, and you live near Orlando, Memphis, or Dallas, I would invite you to consider calling a Regional Double Your Class Presenter. The cost is just $500 plus expenses. To do so, email me at josh@joshhunt.com with three possible dates. Let's see what happens.

By the way, if you want to be a Double Your Class presenter and want to work outside this system, I encourage you to do so. I have written two articles about that:



This plan will include a heavy dose of advertising that I will be paying for, thus will be taking a "cut of the action" to pay for those costs. If you can get yourself an opportunity to speak, go for it! It is all about getting the message out there.

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