Give your teachers 1,637 lessons (and counting) for Christmas

Looking for a gift for your teachers this Christmas?

Like to have your teachers improve their skill?

Like to see your teachers be more discussion-oriented and less lecture-oriented?

Do you believe in the importance of application-focused teaching?

If you answered yes, consider getting your teachers a subscription to the Lesson Vault.

What is the Lesson Vault?

The Lesson Vault consists of 1637 lessons. Three new lessons are added each week, corresponding with three of Lifeway's curriculum outlines:

  • Explore the Bible

  • Bible Studies for Life

  • Masterworks (My personal favorite and the one we use in my own Sunday School class)

I have been doing this for years, so that's hundreds of lessons on every topic and text imaginable.

Each lesson consists of 25-30 questions. Lifeway does a good job of providing the answers--the curriculum. What I provide are the questions. Good questions that get groups talking.

Access to the Vault is password protected and is available on a subscription basis. Like a free pass to check it out?


Let me show you how these lessons work. Go to this address:

Click around till you get a lesson you want to look at. Somewhere along the line a username/ password screen will block your progress. When it does, type in this username and password:

Username: free

Password: pass

This username/ password will be good through January 1, 2007.

What are the benefits of using Good Questions?

There are several benefits of using good questions:

  • They get groups talking. Well-worded questions create a conversation in class. They are difficult enough to be challenging. Easy enough that we have an answer. Personal enough to be interesting. Application-oriented so they are life-changing.

  • They save the teacher time. I don't recommend this approach, but, in a pinch, I have seen it work with good results. I have handed a teacher a copy of this weeks questions, seen him walk down the hall and read the questions while the group was taking prayer requests. And, I have watched as they presented a half-way decent lesson. Now, I don't recommend this approach. How much better if the teacher has studied! But, it illustrates the fact that these lessons are ready to teach, out of the box. They save you time.

  • It makes it easier to find subs. These lessons are so easy to teach, it makes finding subs much easier.

  • They are a life-saver when you have a no-show or a teacher calls in late on Saturday night to say they can't teach. This won't have to happen very many times till you are glad you signed up for the lesson vault.

  • They are easily adaptable. I have had teachers tell me, "I don't like your questions all that well, except that they help me to come up with questions of my own!" Questions are available in both PDF and HTML format. You can easily copy and paste into your favorite Word Processor and edit away.

  • They make it easier to recruit teachers. The #1 need in every church is to find more workers. It is easier to recruit  workers when the work is easier. These lessons make teaching easier. It is not often that something is both easier and better, but using these lessons makes the lesson both better and easier to teach.

  • It is easier to create new groups. Sunday School 101 states you grow a Sunday School by creating new groups. You do not grow a Sunday School by growing the size of each group, so much as you grow a Sunday School by increasing the number of groups. The key issue in creating new groups is leadership. These lessons make it easier to recruit leaders and thus, to create new groups.

  • These lessons teach teachers to teach better. I had a teacher email me once, saying, "Josh, I am not going to be using your lessons any more. I thought I would tell you why. Tracing along the lines of your lessons for a few years, I have learned how to do this. I don't need you any more."

  • These lessons are available 24/7, anywhere you have a computer and Internet access. Suppose you are on a trip and you forgot your Sunday School book. No worries. You can log on and download the lesson from anywhere.

  • Questions are provocative, thought-provoking and life-changing.

  • Can be used with or without Lifeway's curriculum. If you use Lifeway's curriculum, this is a great supplement. (This is the preferred approach.) Alternatively, they can be used as a stand-alone lesson.

  • Suitable for both mature believers and new Christians.

  • Suitable for all ages--youth to adult.

  • No long-term commitment. Cancel any time.

Well, there is my list, but test drive them yourself. Again, go to When asked for a username/password it is: free/pass

If you are ready to purchase a subscription for all your teachers, go to I have attached an attractive certificate you can give to your teachers.

Let me sweeten the deal: all NEW church-wide subscriptions received by Friday, December 15, 2006 at midnight I will throw in a free copy of our best-selling book, You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less



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