An Open Letter to One Pastor Who Doubled. . .

(Roger from First Baptist, Owasso, Oklahoma)


I really enjoyed the opportunity to minister along side you for a day. You are my hero. I pray that God would raise up thousands of men who could do half of what God has done through your ministry. If God continues to bless, you will have doubled your church twice in 6 years. WOW. Glory to God!

You asked me what I saw that you might could do better. I want to invite you to consider a different question. You are already doing more than 99% of the churches in America. Instead of trying to figure out how to get into the top 99.5%, I would invite you to turn your attention in a slightly different direction, toward helping other pastors to know and do what you know and do. I would invite you to gather some pastor buddies in the area and go through some John Maxell videos, or Purpose Driven Videos or do a book study of one of Barna's books that has impacted you. My own "TIGER Training" Video was designed for this purpose. You might consider using it as well. Tell them you just like to talk about this stuff and would like to meet with them. If you could help a dozen or so pastors to "get it" each year, you would multiply your ministry many times over. Perhaps in time some of them could teach others who could teach others. This is the dream of 2 Tim. 2.2. Through multiplication at every level we can turn the world upside down. I want to invite you to turn your attention to multiplying yourself through other pastors in your area. My dream for your life would be that if you retire 20 years from now there were be 100 men still pastoring and doubling their churches because you taught them how to double.

Perhaps you could meet once a week for a couple of hours for ten weeks or so. You could do this twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall. Perhaps it would work better to give three quarters of a day to study, pray, and discussion. You might could to this once a month or so. If you use a video, like one of the ones mentioned above, wouldn't actually have any preparation time.

Who will teach this generation of pastors to double? Will the seminaries? Did they teach you to double? Will the denomination? They can certainly help. My answer is pastors like you must do it. Pastors who are enjoying the blessing of God. Pastors who are doubling need to show other pastors how to double. It is God's appointed plan in 2 Timothy 2.2.

Doubling is more caught than taught. That is why, it doesn't really matter in a way, what you go through with these guys. Barna, Maxwell, Warren, or Josh Hunt, it doesn't really matter. The point in is, they are going to pick up on what you are. They are going to come to smell the growth and reproduce in in their church.

If you begin walking down this path, you might find other ways to explore this same idea. You have an excellent staff. You might consider asking your staff to do a similar thing with staff guys in your area. You might send some of your Sunday School teachers to another church for one semester to see if they can show a teacher in that church how to double. Think multiplication. Think reproduction. Think 2 Timothy 2.2.

Once again, I appreciate the opportunity to minister with you for a day.



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