2020 Vision is proud to announce the release of a new video supplement to Lifeway's Family Bible Series™. The first orders shipped this week.

This series consists of approximately 20 minutes of video for each session. This video is shot in a studio in an interactive fashion. By this we mean that Josh teaches for five minutes or so, asks the group to pause the tape and discuss a point, then he teaches again, and so forth.

January's study has just been released. It is offered at a ridiculously low introductory price of $9.99 for the four sessions in January. The four sessions deal with the promises of God.

The video could be used in any of three ways:

  • In the classroom itself.
  • In teacher preparation as a group.
  • In personal teacher preparation.

Some of the benefits of this interactive video are as follows:

  • It insures a high quality presentation, a halfway decent lesson each and every week. My research indicated that fully one third of our teachers fall below the bar of "halfway decent." Good live teaching is better than video. But, good video is better than not so good live teaching.
  • It saves the teacher time.
  • It allows the teacher to concentrate on ministering to the group.
  • It makes it easier to find new teachers. (Anyone need more workers?)
  • It corresponds with your existing Lifeway™ outline which offers a full line of commentaries and quarterlies to meet a wide variety of needs.
  • It allows the teacher to spend time on things that will help grow the group--things like inviting every member and every prospect to every fellowship every month.

January's lessons consist of four topics related to the promises of God. The specific topics are:

  • Week #1: Don’t worry; God will take care of you.
    Explore three time-tested steps to living a worry free life
  • Week #2: God will protect you in every temptation.
    Having the correct perspective on temptation is the key to victory. This session will explore four perspectives that help us overcome temptation.
  • Week #3: You matter to God.
    Imagine a world where we woke up every day with a profound sense that we matter to God. This well-known pastor’s story will help it to become a reality in your life.
  • Week #4: God promises a place for you.
    Three ways heaven can make a difference in our world.

February's lessons are in production and should be released next week.