Should we cut the outreach budget?


During of economic pressure, the question invariably comes up: perhaps we should cut the outreach budget.  I want to argue that that is not a good idea, and I want to make the argument from an economic perspective.

Of course, we could make this argument from many other, more noble perspectives--things like the glory of God: God deserves to be treated better than he is treated on your cul de sac and mine. Or, we could make this argument: people matter to God. They ought to matter to us and we should not let economic pressure get in the way of that.

But, in my experience, these arguments sound a little other-worldly. They are interested in how to balance the checkbook. This is an argument that speaks their language.

Money spent on outreach, if spent effectively, will leave us with more money at the end of the year, not less.

Let me show you why.

This argument could apply to any kind of effective outreach, from an advertizing campaign to money to take guests out to dinner to gifts for guests to an old fashioned revival to hosting a double your class conference. The key word is effective outreach--that is, outreach that effectively results in brining people to Christ and His church.