Pray for me

Ron Kurtz emailed last week. . . something about the Lesson Vault. We got that straightened out, then he emailed back, "How can I pray for you today?"

We use that language so commonly in Christian life, I often don't think too much about it. We do prayer requests at the beginning or end (recommended) of our group time. We pray before meals. We say it often enough we don't think too much about it.

But something about the way Ron made this request sliced through the routine. I thought, "Here is a brother that wants to go to the God of the universe and submit a request for me. WOW! What do I want?"

I think about that passage in Matthew 20 where Jesus says to two blind men, "What do you want me to do for you?"

How would you answer that question today?

Well, at that moment, I was working on a lesson, as I am spending a lot of time doing these days. Here is what I asked Ron to pray for:

"I am really fired up about these lessons. I love Sunday School, but, honestly, have to admit it is pretty boring more often than I care to admit. I want to write lessons that really make class incredible. More than that, I want to write lessons that help groups create disciples who live the John 10.10 life and love the Lord God with all their heart soul, mind and strength. Pray for that!"

I'd like to ask you to pray too. I want to create lessons that have groups laughing and crying and arguing and most of all, changing. I am in too many groups--groups that have the potential to change the world--and they are half asleep. I want to put stories and illustrations and creative elements and well-worded questions in that teachers hands that will make that group come alive.

And, as I think about it, what I want to do is way beyond my ability to do. (Following God always is, isn't it?) I bought a coffee cup the other day that says, "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" As I think about it, we ought to be about a task that is so big, unless God shows up, it will fail. But, we ought to embrace a strong confidence that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

For those of you who use my Good Questions, I think you are going to see a significant change, starting this weekend, (adding answers to most of the questions that come from some of the great commentaries available today) and another significant change (adding a creative element in every lesson) in about two weeks. I am pouring my heart and soul into these lessons. Pray for me, that I serve Christ and serve you well.

And, if you have any advice for me as I launch into this new endeavor, I am all ears. In the abundance of counsel there is wisdom.

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