Friendship Connection

Almost two years ago, while teaching in North Carolina for an associational meeting, I met Vernon Brady, who told me of new outreach material that he and Dr Elmer Towns were working on called My Friendship Connection.  At the conclusion of my training sessions we went to dinner and discussed the strategy, contributors of material and the intended purpose.  It was obvious Vernon had a real passion for helping pastors and that he believed he could help our churches mobilize for great outreach. He  described how he could see churches across the country coming together with a single focus of reaching friends and family members for Christ. In fact he kept describing the "greatest outreach effort" in the history of the Southern Baptist Convention and promised this material would allow every pastor to leverage off the wisdom and experience of great leaders like Johnny Hunt, Bobby Welch, Mac Brunson, James Merritt, Jonathan Falwell and Elmer Towns. I found myself caught up with his passion BUT I wanted to see some results and something that was more than just a big day.
On November 2, 2007, My Friendship Connection was tested in 42 churches mainly in North Carolina and Virginia and it received great reports from the pastors. Last year over 200 churches, scattered across the country, used the material and they anticipate over 500 this year. Report after report validates that God is using My Friendship Connection to create a new vision, ignite hearts with passion and produce kingdom results. The strategy is simple, powerful and proven. The practical "how to"  steps are designed to help the pastor mobilize his church for outreach and guide you all the way through the follow-up. There is also a calling to a simple, powerful gospel and a GREAT God who will work when we do our part. Churches are reporting about six months of momentum of reaching people for Christ, when they follow the instructions. Here are just a few of the reports. Email Vernon at [email protected] if you want to read more.

Yesterday, November 9, was our Friendship Connection Sunday.  Our average. attendance is 190-200.  Yesterday morning we had 370 in attendance and 13 salvations!, 3 teenagers baptized, 2 joined the church,  What a service!  Our attendance was up almost 50% last night and before our "work time" (follow-up) we had a 23 year old lady saved as well.  Needless to say, our people are more excited than ever before.  Keep us in your prayers & thank you for your help.
Terry Mosley, Pastor, Temple Free Will Baptist Church

Sunday we had 760!  Our Bible Fellowship (Sunday School) on average is about 380, but on Connection Sunday it was 508!  8 people trusted Christ as savior.  This Sunday (11/9) we had Baptism emphasis where we had 3 planned Baptisms and 8 spontaneous Baptisms!  Praise God.  


Update 1/ 27/09

Since November we have baptized 17 and attendance is still up by 60 to 70. There is a great momentum. Thanks.

Greg Palmer, Minister of ED, North Main Baptist Church


As Pastor, I was already overwhelmed by what was happening, but November 2nd shook me to the core.  The entire church came together under the banner of reaching their friends for Christ!  Pastor Derek, Lexington Baptist Temple 


When we first participated with My Friendship Connection we were a church of about 190 in average attendance and had been there seven years. Now, 1 years later, we are a church of 350. I attribute a large portion of our growth to God blessing our implementation of My Friendship Connection for two consecutive years, 07 and 08.

Friend Day is only one day a year; however, because we go through the full six week study of My Friendship Connection, the attitude of our people has changed. They are now more comfortable with inviting their friends. They now see how easy it is. They are more eager to share what God is doing in their lives with their unchurched family and friends. And the result has been more people attending each week.

Mike Mitchener, Pastor

There are five sermons contributed by key leaders, five weeks of Sunday School or small group lessons for all ages, and one month of daily readings (this seems to be the secret ingredient) that all dovetail together to engage your people to invite their friends who do not know Jesus. This is a great outreach tool and it will help you lead your church to fulfill the great commission. I have made arrangements with Vernon to offer this to you at a reduced price of $149. Check it out on the web, and place your order with me. Now is the time to plan your fall outreach.