New Conference plan

With the economy as it is, I am looking for new ways to get the doubling group message out there.  Here is an idea.Instead of a conference for $1100 or so, how does $200 sound? There is some fine print; read on.

  • Local host church pays $200. This goes toward my expenses (travel, hotel, etc.)

  • Association pays $200. This goes toward my expenses as well. (travel, hotel, etc.) Note: I want both a church and the Association on the hook financially so they are motivated to promote the event. It doesn't work for either the Association or local church to just pay the whole $400.

  • Each individual attending pays $20 and gets a free book (up to $19.99 value) IF they sign up one week before the conference with a non-refundable, pre-paid registration. Walk-ins pay $30. (This insures that most people will pre-register and we can plan for how many books to bring.) This replaces the honorarium I used to get paid. As an author, I get books at a discount and it is that gap that creates my honorarium.

  • There must be 50 people in attendance. If there are not, you agree to buy the remaining books at $20 each.

  • There must be more than one stop on the tour. You can add to an additional trip, or contact a church in your part of the world and work out a time when the two of you can host meetings adjacent to each other. Most of the time there are more than one church on the tour. If you plan six months or so out during a reasonably popular time, there is a good chance I can book the second church. If no other churches are secured for the tour, host church and Association both agree to pay $300 toward expenses.

  • If you would like for Missy to train your preschool and children's workers, here is how that would work. Association and local church pay $200 (or $300) each as above to cover expenses. There must be 75 total attendance each paying $20 each and each receiving a book. Missy will have several titles teachers can choose from. See  for details. Also, please contact her directly at [email protected] if you would like for her to speak.

For more details on hosting a conference, click here.