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The Pastor's Role in Growth


The latest poll show that churches where the pastor regularly cheerleads group life (Sunday School or home groups) these groups are 82% more likely to be growing, when compared with groups where the pastor does not regularly cheerlead groups. Note: this survey is voluntarily taken by people who receive my e-news and is not a randomly produced scientific survey.)

It also helps if the pastor leads by example--actually being in a group himself, although, this did not make as much difference as I would have thought. Churches were the pastor attends groups are 18% more likely to be growing as compared with churches where the pastor does not attend a group.

As you might guess, we get the best results when the pastor both attends and cheerleads groups. Churches where the pastor both attends a group and cheerleads groups are twice as likely to be doubling when compared with churches where the pastor does not attend or cheerlead.

The poster pastor for attending and cheerleading groups is Andy Stanley. I have caught him six time say (essentially), "I am in a group; I want you to be in a group." If you would like to listen to a recent example of Andy Cheerleading groups, go to and look for the message called "Here!"  Great stuff!





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