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Worship in Small Group -- Look, Ma! No Musicians!


We do small group on Sunday night at our church. (When you are at a church our size, pretty much everything is small group!) Recently I have been leading worship from my laptop. Humbly, let me sayĖit is fantastic! Great thing is, you can play any music, any style, any song. Here is how it works.


I use Easy Worship www.easyworship.com I like it because it is, well, easy. One other great thing about Easy Worship is one church license allows you to have the software on as many machines as you need. So, if every group had a laptop, sound and projector, you would only have to buy one copy of the software. Others make you buy additional licenses for each computer. You could use PowerPoint, but the moving backgrounds made possible in worship software does add to the experience.


Pick a song that is really worshipful to you. Try to sing along. A lot of musicians have really high voices and they are hard to sing with. I love Chris Tomlin, but his voice is so high it is hard to sing with. Pick a moving background. Lots of vendors out there. Google "video worship backgrounds." You will find lots. Some you pay individually, some you purchase a license to download all they have.


A great source of the words is http://www.lifewayworship.com There are lots of other sites, but this one doesnít have any misspellings that I have found.


Plug your laptop into the biggest, badest speaker you have. This makes a huge difference. People donít like to hear themselves sing. You need to get the music choir-organ-piano loud. Maybe not rock concert loud, but you want it to fill the room. The minimum requirement is along the lines of a big booming boom-box. If the sound is weak, the experience will be lame. I turn the main overhead lights off so you are drawn to focus on the screen.


You might want to pick a song that goes along with the topic of the lesson. Letís say you want to use When I Survey. You can go to Amazon.com and do a search and find several dozen versions of this song in any style imaginable from country to rock to choir. You can listen to a short clip and when you find one you like, purchase it for $.99 (thatís 99 cents). (You can do this at ITunes.com and other places but I like Amazon because there is no copy protection in the songs. I would listen to the whole thingĖsometimes musicians go off in crazy places that are hard to sing along with.


Another approach, or course, is to use videos. here is one example: http://www.ignitermedia.com/products/itrk/singles/810/Jesus-Paid-It-All Again, there are lots of vendors out there. The problem is the limitation of the finding the song you want that complements the message of the lesson. If you are picking from MP3s, the sky is the limit.


Unless you have good live musicians, worship doesnít get much better than this. A lot better than I have heard over the years with an out of tune piano and a player that doesnít play all that well.



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