The God Who Serves Us


We often speak of the importance of serving God. Until recently I have not thought deeply about the fact that God is constantly serving us. For example. . .

This morning I was enjoying my morning coffee, Bible reading and worship (in that order at times, sad to say!). I was in the mood to listen to Twila Paris. I had just read the story from Genesis 11 about Abraham becoming willing to sacrifice his son Isaac and God providing the lamb. I thought about Twila's song, Lamb of God.

I was enjoying listening so much I decided to see if, by chance, she was touring and I might could hear her in person. Her web page had been replaced by one simple graphic of her new CD with the announcement, "In stores March 11." I checked the date on my computer: March 11. I took it as a gift from God.

I called the local Christian book store to see if they had it in stock. They didn't. I called Best Buy. They had it in the computer. The guy said it should be there but he was going to physically check the shelf. No luck. I called Target. Popped up. I called Hastings and Wal-mart. No answer. I had the thought to try Hastings in person. They had one copy and it was mine! God does little things like this for me all the time. He is constantly serving us.

By the way, I checked just a moment ago. That graphic that announced today's release is no longer up and has been replaced by the new web page, but no mention of a release date.

I hurt my foot recently. (I will spare you the details; it gets a little gross!) Anyway, I was hobbling through the DFW airport the other day. Making my way ever so slowly.

I don't know how much you know about DFW airport, but it is really a tribute to the "everything is bigger in Texas" philosophy. Texans like to point out that in terms of geographical area, it is actually bigger than Manhattan Island. I am shuffling through this monster, one small step at a time. Half the airport is on one side of a freeway, while the other half is on the other side. I landed on the West side in Terminal B and was going out on the East side in Terminal A. Baby steps. Baby steps.

A man walked up to me pushing an empty wheel chair. "Need some help?" God is constantly serving us.

I will never forget the first time I became aware of this dynamic, a year or so ago. There is a whole God-thing story about how suited my house is to recording videos. (If you ever hear me refer to taping in a studio, it is really a euphemism for my kitchen.) The house has an opening between the kitchen and the child's bedroom which creates an excellent situation for video taping because you can control the lighting in the foreground and background independently. There was just one little problem. The bottom of the window was just a little bit too high and it showed up (just a tad) in the video.

I thought about tearing out this whole wall, but that did not seem practical. My next idea was to build this room-sized platform to raise me, the chair I was sitting on as well as the table in front of me. The whole thing seemed like a lot of trouble and just made me tired.

Then, it hit me. I did not need to build this huge platform. I only needed to build a platform big enough for the chair. Then, I needed some small platforms for each of the four legs to the table.

I noticed in my garage a couple of 4 X 4s. I pulled them in and, "Walla!" they were just about the right length to construct the platform for my chair .There were some other boards that were just about the right length, width and quantity to complete the platform for my chair.

I noticed two more 4 X 4s. There were about 3" longer than the distance between the legs of the table. One on each side of the table, and presto, the table is now 4 inches higher.

Looking around, I noticed a little bag of nails. I started to pray. "This is really cool, God. It is like You went to Home Depot for me."

Only thing was, I couldn't find a hammer. I looked everywhere I could imagine several times but no hammer was to be found. I thought that odd. This supply of wood that just happened to be in the garage, left here by the owner of the house, seemed to be too perfect to not be the hand of God. But, why wouldn't God get me a hammer too?

I was determined not to let it ruin my attitude. I was determined to be thankful to God for what He had provided and not think so much about what I didn't have. After a few minutes, my mind was drifting about something else when I noticed a shelf I had supposedly looked on several times. There, in plain view, a hammer.

My immediate reaction was, "God, now you are just showing off!"

He serves us constantly. Lead your people to look for the strong hand of the invisible God.

My children seldom notice how often I pick up after them, think of them, attend to their needs. Every parent works backstage in a thousand different ways to provide for their kids. Typically, they don't even notice a fraction of what we do, much less acknowledge it with a polite "thank you." Let's all be better children, shall we?

The heavenly father serves us constantly. I invite you to watch for His hand serving you in a thousand details of your life.