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Email your group this week and. . .


I have stumbled into a habit in the last few months while writing Good Questions that Have Groups Talking. I think it is a good one. You may want to incorporate this into your weekly interaction with your students.

Sometimes you can ask them to do some research. Ask them to view some youtube videos. Ask them to Google something and do a little research. Point them to a web page. Ask them to bring something from home. Ask them to ask a friend what they think about something and come back with an answer.

The great challenge of teaching is to get the teaching to spill over into the week.

The great problem with much teaching is that it is isolated. It is compartmentalized into Sunday morning.

Emailing your group during the week and asking them to look for something is one way to break into the week.

It is also a good way to have a friendly contact with absentees. Let them know they are not forgotten. It will help them feel like they kinda know what is going on.

Email your group this week and ask them something related to this week's lesson.


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