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Perhaps you have been wondering what it would be like to host a Double Your Class, Disciplemaking Teachers, 10 Marks of Incredible Teachers, or Make Your Group Grow conference. Here are what some recent hosts said about their experience hosting a conference:

There is no doubt that Josh is passionate about Sunday school! We had him in to share 10 Marks of an I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. Teacher as a way to motivate and encourage our leaders. His passion was evident. Our group learned valuable tools to help make them better teachers and communicators. He may not be reinventing the wheel on S.S., but he definitely inspires people to reach their full potential; all the while providing the tools and insights to help get them there.

Jason Moore

Associate Pastor/Minister of Education

Underwood Baptist Church

Florence, AL 35630  


We recently brought Josh in to do leadership training and he did an outstanding job.  He taught “Make Your Group Grow” from his newest book and it challenged us in many ways.  In just a few weeks following his conference I have a new class starting this week and other classes discussing starting new units from their class.  My leaders were inspired by Josh’s concepts of reaching people and starting new units.  I would highly recommend Josh for your next training event.
Clint Hayes
Minister of Education
First Baptist Church
Muskogee, OK

We invited Josh Hunt to come KICK OFF our Sunday School year by helping our teachers be encouraged, motivated and primed to begin the year with a bang. He was all of the above and more as he shared current information and statistics about what works and what does not! We continue to be blessed from what he shared with us!
Gayle Young,
First Baptist Church,
Ponca City, OK

I have had the privilege of using Josh Hunt for Sunday School Leadership training on several occasions.  Josh brings a unique, yet very practical style of leadership training.  He encouraged and challenged our leaders to :make disciples” and grow their classes. Sunday Schools and churches everywhere would benefit from Josh’s conference.
Les Colvin
Associate Pastor
First Baptist Church
Zachary , LA

Josh is passionate and creative about reaching persons for Christ, offering strategies that really work. He is acknowledged as an expert in his field, a fabulous communicator, and I would highly recommend him for a group presentation.
Gary Chapman
Director at SW Virginia Christian Leadership Network

I thank God that I found Josh's book on Doubling Class. This is our fourth year. First class started with about 10, then 15, then 30 growing to 45, now this year we start this week with 20 in my night class and 45 in my day class. of women. Thanks to following the advice of Josh many women's lives will be changed this year. God bless you Josh.
Marty Glenn Sesto

“I found Josh Hunt’s sessions both interesting and informative.  Even though I have been teaching SS for more than 50 years, I learned something to use in my teaching.  I liked what he said about how important fellowships and social events are to a class. I thought his presentation was entertaining and I enjoyed the session.”
Virginia Allford

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