Steve Parr: Principle of the Expert


Steve Parr is working on a new book called Sunday School that Really Responds. It is a follow up to his fine book, Sunday School That Really works. I was honored that he asked me to write the forward to the book. He has given me permission to share a few key insights from the book.

Principle of the Expert: Knowledge in a group will not rise above that of the key leader. The greater your leadership role in your congregation, the more of this book you should take time to consume. The pastor is the expert in his congregation. The teacher is the expert in his or her class or group. You need to be as knowledgeable as possible to provide the leadership that God has called you to. Many if not most of the problems addressed in this book are the result of a lack of knowledge and training about the principles and tools of Sunday school health and growth. Your knowledge can help prevent future problems if you will share it with your volunteers through training opportunities. However, you cannot teach what you do not know.