Steve Parr: Principle of Investment


Steve Parr is working on a new book called Sunday School that Really Responds. It is a follow up to his fine book, Sunday School That Really works. I was honored that he asked me to write the forward to the book. He has given me permission to share a few key insights from the book.

Principle of Investment: Small investments rarely result in large returns. Most of the problems that you encounter in Sunday school do not lend themselves to quick fixes. You must invest weeks and months to change the culture of the Sunday school to get it to be healthy and growing. Do not expect to read a chapter, make a couple of calls, and resolve the problem in the next couple of days. That may happen occasionally, and you can be thankful, but that will be the exception and not the rule. Consider this principle in the context of the overall health of your Sunday school as well. Sunday school will not function effectively on auto-pilot. The leaders must invest and provide consistent attention and training for it to be healthy. You will still encounter emergencies even when a higher investment is made. However, the problems will be minimized compared to a church that neglects and makes only small investments into the health of the Sunday school ministry.