Need someone to bring in the harvest?

Note: I very rarely (have I ever?) use this list to promote someone else's ministry, but I have a feeling this one might be one many of you might be interested in.

I received and email from John Sprinkle moments ago. There are few Ministers of Ed I respect any more than John Sprinkle. His church is a poster church for doubling groups. If you have attended any of my seminars in the last several years, you have likely seen the video I show at nearly every seminar. It features John inviting a handful of people to the stage. These are those that started with him in a small group a few years ago. Then the group divided. All the people in those two groups join him on the stage. He tells of those groups dividing and so forth till their are fifty people on the stage--and that is just the Sunday night crowd!

Anyway, John is recommending a friend of his to do evangelism. In my book, anyone John recommends is good. Here is what John has to say:

Hey Josh,

A personal friend of mine is in need of some help.  He has been sharing the gospel with families, our military, and churches all across America and abroad for over 25 years.  He recently left the North American Mission Board effective December 31 and is just now scheduling 2011.  I spent some time with Jerry yesterday and he feels that if he can schedule some events between now and August he will be fine.  I have personally hosted Jerry at churches over the past 20 years.  He always does an incredible job.  He is a harvester.  If there are lost people there he can draw the net like no one else I know.  He also has the unique ability to speak to a wide audience and appeal to all the ages.  I am simply asking you if given the opportunity to pass on his information to others.  If they have questions I would be glad to answer them.  The below conference is incredible. 


His most popular events are:

Building a Successful Family One Days
Marriage Makeover One Days
Family to Family One Days
One Day Celebrations
48 Hour Celebrations
Area-Wide Celebrations
Corporate Events

I recommend the Building a Successful Family One is a high impact day and is easy to could almost be done with no preparation. Of course, the more effort you put into it the greater the impact. Even when churches do not normally have a Sunday evening service, 75-85% return Sunday night for the rest of the story. This day strengthens and adds value to church families and is an effective first touch event for lost people. 

Below is a brief description of the day. Jerry has done this all over the country with awesome results, please check out his web site for more information on this one day conference, his other events and resources. His web address is:

You’re the best!




The Building a Successful Family one day workshop is a high impact day for believers and a great first touch event for non-believers. It is an easy day to prepare for and promote because everything takes place during already scheduled times. 
Here is how it works:  
Bible Study Hour or Saturday Evening—Student Rally—Why Try With Your Parents?
In a humorous hard hitting format I provide students with three reasons why selling out to Christ and working with Him and their parents to be their best is the smartest possible decision they can make. We often see large numbers of students receive Christ and many others choose a fresh start in their relationship with Christ and their parents. 
Morning Worship—Keys to Intimacy 
The morning worship includes a DVD clip from the movie Hope Floats just prior to the message; this brief clip paints a powerful portrait of the tragic state of marriage in America—Isolation. The message provides hope from God’s Word through sharing the Keys to Intimacy.  Though the message targets married couples, the relational principles shared apply to everyone. No one, regardless of family status, will feel left out.  
One hour prior to evening worship—Parenting Conference
We are averaging 75-85 percent of the adults (prospective parents, parents, and grandparents) who attended on Sunday morning returning for this event. We cover the following topics during the Parenting Conference:
· Understanding Students in the New Millennium
· Passing the Baton of Your Faith on to Your Children and Grandchildren 
· Roofing for Maximum Protection—Building Self-Esteem
· Keys to Discipline
Evening Worship—Communication 101                                    
The focus of the Sunday evening service is “Communication 101” We apply the principles from God’s Word to the communication process. We deal with attitude, the styles of communication, the obstacles to communication and how to build bridges of communication in the home.