Another reason to vote for Sunday School for step 2 is its proven effectiveness at assimilation. In research findings reported by Thom Rainer in his book High Expectations, new Christians who had joined a sample of churches were tracked for five years. Among those who attended only worship, fewer than 20 percent were still active five years later. However, among those who attended both worship and Sunday School, more than 80 percent were still active after five years. Vote for Sunday School for step 2


It is my view that one reason Sunday School is such an effective assimilation tool is precisely that it does not attempt to achieve the intimacy promised by small groups or the depth of content found in a discipleship group. Having defended Sunday School for many years on both of these fronts, I have conceded that Sunday School operates in social space rather than intimate or even personal space. I believe it is precisely because Sunday School operates in social space that it is a safe place for people to find themselves in the second step of their disciple-making journey.


David Francis, Great Expectations.