Why I STILL think Masterwork Literature ROCKS!


I just finished writing book one for the Summer Quarter of Masterworks. I have to tell you again why I think this literature is so great and why I think every group should use it.

The first half of this quarter is on The Power of Desperation by Michael Catt. You may recognize Michael Catt as they guy behind the Fireproof movie. He is the pastor of Sherwood Baptist in Albany, Georgia. I love their church's slogan: We can change the world from Albany, Georgia.

This is a great book. Your group would greatly benefit from studying this book. Next up is Randy Alcorn's book on Heaven. Great stuff. Why isn't all literature as good as this one?

There is a reason, actually.

I think of Dr. Fred Howard who taught me Greek back in the day. He was a Bible professor at Wayland University. Good guy. Good guy, but not a world-class writer. I am not being hard on him; it is true of me as well. I'd like to be a world-class writer, but I don't have the skill. (At least not yet; here is hoping!)

Anyway, Dr. Howard is an example of the kind of guy who writes most curriculum: good guy, but not a world-class writer. Why don't we get world class writers to write our curriculum?

If you use the Masterwork series, you do have world-class writers writing the curriculum. Here is a partial list of some of the writers they have had:

  • Beth Moore
  • Billy Graham
  • John Macarthur
  • Paul Little
  • Henry and Richard Blackaby
  • Randy Alcorn
  • Charles Stanley
  • Max Lucado

Do this class of writers write your literature? If not, I'd invite you to check it out here.

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Your teachers will love these lessons. Each lesson consists of about 20 ready-to-use questions that make preparation a snap. I started writing these lessons years ago when I was on church staff. Once i did so, I never struggled to find adult workers again. Answers are provided form world-class writers. What is not t like?

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