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All Jesus Asks


Jesus asked good questions that got groups talking

Mary Schaller of Q Place (formerly Neighborhood Bible Studies) notes that Jesus's questions possess contemporary application for a church increasingly swamped by a Western secularism that craves relationship. She contrasts his dialogical approach with our penchant for monologue. "Questions make us think," Schaller says. "As a church culture, we want to tell people, and it's really not effective. Good questions, such as Jesus asked, create dialogue."'

The Lord's commands invite obedience and fear. His actions, such as his death and resurrection, provoke awe and thankfulness. But his questions prompt our participation, inspection, and reflection. His questions draw us into the mind of God and invite us to grow as we walk with him. As we grapple with Jesus's questions, we learn what we truly believe-and what we don't.

Though obedience is always the right response to his commands, Jesus does not expect us to mindlessly absorb and implement them. He respects us as valuable creatures made in the image of God who can and must participate in our salvation. That's what this book is about. Jesus, the master teacher of history, asked probing questions of all who came to him: friend and foe, skeptic and follower, seeker and betrayer. And he still asks today.

Jesus didn't just present abstract theological truths. He was intensely personal and "in your face." He frequently turned the tables on those around him, forcing them through his questions to confront issues of life and death, love and hate, heaven and hell.

These questions force all professing Christians and spiritual seekers to face ultimate issues about Christ's identity and mission, and our faith and priorities. They also provide key insights into Christ's view of human nature and intellectual capacity, the priority of the Scriptures, and other topics. Further, we gain understanding of the discipling implications of Christ's brilliant teaching methods.

Stan Guthrie. All That Jesus Asks: How His Questions Can Teach and Transform Us (pp. 16-17). Kindle Edition.


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