Elmer Towns: Sunday School will help minister to all ages

""I'm sorry, Pastor. We really love your preaching, but our family needs to be somewhere else right now." Dave Thomason had been in the church for six years, having joined the church with his wife and two elementary-school children. They had been faithful workers in the church. Now Dave felt a responsibility to tell his pastor that his family was leaving.

Pastor Tim was shocked. Since his appointment to Epworth Church two years before, he'd bent over backward to be all things to all people (see 1 Cor. 9:22). He made pastoral visits to the nursing home twice a month and met regularly with the church's children. His wife, Debbie, even staffed the nursery-almost singlehandedly-for nearly every worship service. He didn't have the time-or the energy-to add another ministry.

"It's our kids," Dave continued. "They're now teenagers, and Epworth really doesn't have a ministry for them. We need a church that has something for our whole family, so we're going to Southlawn-they have an active Sunday School for teens." Dave continued with a trace of sadness in his voice, "I know you're trying, Pastor Tim, but our kids-they're at a very crucial age."

Pastor Tim's heart sank as he fought back the tears. What more can I do? he wondered. What more can I do?

Action Point: Do you know people who have left your church because it didn't have a program for them? What were they looking for? Make a list.

Elmer L. Towns;Stan Toler. What Every Pastor Should Know about Sunday School (Kindle Locations 208-217). Kindle Edition.

Elmer Towns will be speaking at several upcoming All Star Sunday School Training Events. To Schedule an event at your church, contact [email protected]