Elmer Towns: Jethro principle

Remember Jethro? Moses got a lecture about being Mr. Everything from his father-in-law. Moses was advised to delegate much of his tasks to others in the camp. Sunday School is the Jethro principle in action. The ministerial staff can't be everywhere at once. And about the time they're over here, someone over there will need them. People with needs don't like to be ignored-no matter what they say to the contrary. The very person who is encouraging you to take care of someone else first is probably churning inside over his or her own hurts not being tended to-it's just a fact of life.

But what you can't do in your own strength, you can do in the Sunday School. You can create an oasis of compassion and caring-and put it on the calendar. Your Sunday School may not be what the doctor ordered, but with a little bit of effort, Sunday School can become the doctor. Your staff can be trained to look, listen and pray for the needs of the greater church community.

Elmer L. Towns;Stan Toler. What Every Pastor Should Know about Sunday School (Kindle Locations 269-274). Kindle Edition.

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