Ken Hemphill: passion points to gifting

What would you like to do to advance the kingdom through your church if there were no boundaries? You don't have to fit any preexisting slots for service such as those opportunities listed in the church bulletin or on the Web site. In one church, after I preached a message on discovering your gifts through the understanding of your passion, a lady caught me in the hallway after the service. Excitedly she asked, “Were you serious about your message?” “Yes,” I replied, a little cautiously. “Good,” she responded, “I resign.” Seeing my absolute confusion and panic, she explained. “I have been the head of the preschool for years, but I have always wanted to teach the handicapped. I'll finish the year in preschool, but with your blessing I want to start a class for people who are handicapped.” She did just that, and our church was recognized for having one of the first classes for people who have handicaps in Virginia.

In another church setting I was visiting a young couple who had been considering First Baptist. After hearing their personal testimonies, I asked them; “If the Lord were to place you in First Baptist, what would you most like to do to serve Him?” I assured them that they didn't have to fit any of our slots in the Sunday school organization or the choir. She hesitated before she spoke. “If I tell you my real passion, you will laugh,” she said. I assured her I would never do that. She finally indicated that she was a drama major in college and that she had always wanted to use that gift for the Lord. I could hardly believe my ears. We had several people who had indicated their desire to be trained in drama, but we had no one gifted to lead them. We had been praying for God to provide someone with her gifts. Isn't God good? He is always on time, and He gives us a passion commensurate with our gift(s).

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