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How to get a standing room only crowd for training, part #1

I heard it again just the other day, “People don’t come out for training anymore.” I have heard it a hundred times. Then, I drive down the road to another church and another Association and another DOM and we have wall to wall people. What gives?

Someone knows how to get a standing room only crowd. I want to show you as well.

Develop a track record of good events

The first thing you need to ask yourself when planning an event is, “How was the last event?” It the answer is “not so hot” you have a problem.

Here is something everyone knows but no one talks about: denominational meetings are not that interesting. Sunday School training is not that exciting. When we start planning a Sunday School training event, we have to start by acknowledging that we are working in a less-than-exciting category. Which would you rather go to:

  • A ball game?
  • A concert?
  • A Bible Study Conference?
  • A magic show?
  • A revival service?
  • A Sunday School training event?

Did anyone besides me put Sunday School training last?

One of the things we are trying to do with All Star Sunday School Training Events is to make Sunday School training exciting. We have the best Sunday school speakers—most of them authors who have conducted hundreds of Sunday School training events. Then, we ask the best people to give us their best stuff. We throw in some robust, soul-stirring music and walla! We have an incredible event. An event that will inspire as well as inform. An event that will be fun and uplifting as well as educational.

But, we have to acknowledge we are not working in the most interesting category. Be patient with people who are not that excited about attending. We did this to them!

So, if the church or Association has had some boring meetings, what are we to do? Love covers a multitude of sins. . .


Josh Hunt
Author, Good Questions Have Groups Talking


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