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How to get a standing room only crowd for training, part #3

Don’t abandon old fashioned methods

One of the most proven methods of getting a crowd is the phone. Get on the phone and call every pastor it town. Get your team to help. Pretty low tech, but very effective.

We also have poster and graphics you can use online and in PowerPoint to promote your events.


In summary, here are eight things you can do to get a standing room only crowd:

  1. Develop a habit of consistently putting on quality events. Develop a system for evaluating your events so you know they are quality. Where you fall short, acknowledge it and promise to do better. Deliver on that promise.
  2. Work on your leadership and people skills. Love the people. People follow people they like. As Maxwell says, “People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” People buy into you before they buy into the conference you are promoting.
  3. Get a team of people to help with promotion. If they don’t buy into you, perhaps they will buy into someone else on the team. Get everyone a job.
  4. Tell people why they should come. Tell them specifically how it will benefit them.
  5. Build familiarity over time. People like to hear from people they have heard of. Start to familiarize people with you speakers long before it is time to promote the event.
  6. Use technology to promote your event. Sent lots of helpful emails that will inform and build familiarity. Facebook.
  7. Phone. Who ya going to call? Every pastor in town. Get a team to help. Don’t ignore traditional print media. Use graphics for PowerPoint and the web.
  8. Pray. Situation is desperate. Pray.



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