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Research on what makes a Sunday School grow today

Many Sunday School today are struggling. Perhaps yours is. Lots of Sunday Schools are struggling.

The curious thing is, lots are not. If all Sunday Schools were struggling we would simply conclude that Sunday school doesn't work and we need to move on to something else.

I am in churches all the time that are doing well. I am in an above average cross-section of churches. Many of them are doing well. What makes these churches tick and what can we learn from them?

I have a list of the 200 fastest growing SBC churches in the nation. Most of these are Sunday School churches. I have a team of people who have volunteered to interview these church. (I actually need just a few more; if you would like to help make some phone calls, email me at [email protected])

I would like to compare these churches with a whole lot of other churches so we can see what the differences are.

I'd like to ask you to fill out our survey at

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Josh Hunt

Author, Good Questions Have Groups Talking



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