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A web-based way to manage the Double Your Class (T.I.G.E.R.) System

How to get your groups doubling

  1. Give some instruction about and cast a vision for groups doubling. This could be done through a live seminar, a video series, or your own teaching as Pastor or Minister of Education. Books can be purchased at special quantity discounts here.
  2. Get a list of people who will volunteer to "Give Friday nights to Jesus."
  3. Set up a complicated database so that new visitors and those becoming inactive are contacted by the volunteers from step #2. The database should provide for ongoing contact and an easy way for people to track what is going on and what needs to happen next.

What? Don't have time to set up a complicated database? Good news! ConnectionPower to the rescue!

ConnectionPower is a new web-based assimilation tool that will do it for you. Here is how it works.

You enter a list of people (Connection Partners) who are willing to contact visitors. You enter the names of new visitors. ConnectionPower suggests a match. You select from the available choices. An email is sent to the Connection Partner. They can either decide to accept or reject the assignment. If they make the call, they log on to their personal web page and report details about the call. This information is sent back to the church and another assignment is made. This series of assignments continues over a period of time until they are thoroughly assimilated. This is all handled by email. The system tracks exactly what is going on and whose court the ball is in.

Of course, I would want to do some adapting.

I would want the Connection Partners to invite them to their home, out to eat, or to a party of some kind. The Connection Partner could enter the results of the invitation, as well as whether or not they actually came. Invitation could continue for a year or so or until they became thoroughly assimilated.

Still, this web-based software seems amazing to me. I have thought about trying to create a similar kind of solution myself, but could not figure out how to do something that would do 10% of what ConnectionPower can do.

The Velcro and Magnet Factors

In addition to helping with assignments and keep up with who called who and what they said and what needs to happen next. ConnectionPower also does incredible reporting.

In You Can Double Your Church in Five Years or Less (Available in both book and video) I discuss the Magnet factor (how many visitors you have) and the Velcro Factor (How many visitors stick around). In a Double Your Church Conference that I held in Memphis with 10 Ministers of Education, I got in tune with the fact that this is not as simple for some to understand as it was for me.

This gist is this. (And, where I am heading with all this is that ConnectionPower tracks this for you.) In order to grow your church, you have to have visitors. Visitors represent 100% of your church growth potential. Most churches think they need more visitors when, in fact, what they need is to take better care of the visitors they have. I say, "most" because the truth is, it is not true of all. This number varies widely in my research. Some churches have a very high Velcro factor and are still not growing. I was just in Life Line Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, where this is clearly the case. They are doing a great job of assimilating the visitors they have; they just don't have enough visitors.

I was an interim pastor at Scotsdale Baptist in El Paso, TX for a time. During the 9 months I was there, we averaged a 75% Velcro factor but still were seeing only 5% growth. How can this be? A very high percentage of a very small number is still a very small number.

My research indicates that 87% of the people who visit our churches do not join. Most churches have plenty of visitors; the challenge is getting them to join. ConnectionPower can help you do that.

Now, here is the rub. The strategies you might choose to shore up the Magnet Factor are completely different than those you might use to shore up your Velcro Factor. Yet, most pastors don't know where the problem lies. Giving Friday Nights to Jesus and the whole TIGER system works best where you have plenty of visitors. ConnectionPower provides detailed reports on both the Velcro and Magnet factor (they use different terminology).

The tool you need to follow-through

At the close of every seminar I present, I have two incredibly strong feelings. One is that I feel the group is responding to the message about doubling groups. I sense many of them want to double their classes by inviting every member and every prospect to every fellowship every month.

The second feeling is more disheartening. I wonder how many will do it. I wonder how many will follow-through. And, the truth is I know that many do follow-through. Sill I know that many do not. If every teacher that I have taught the Double Your Class Seminar were actually doubling right now we would be seeing a nation-wide revival. The dynamic of doubling groups is just that powerful.

So, I know that even though there are many who get it and want to double, many have good intentions but don't get around to it. ConnectionPower can turn intention into reality.

Does it work in the real world?

I called and talked to the founder and developer of ConnectionPower. He told me some amazing stories.

Paradise Baptist in Las Vegas, Nevada was running 370 in attendance. They started using ConnectionPower. 14 weeks later they were running 700. They nearly doubled in one quarter. Let me be clear about one thing. ConnectionPower doesn't work. God works, and God works through people. It is ultimately the people using this tool through the power of the Holy Spirit that makes the difference. Jesus taught us that without Him we can do nothing.

Green Valley Christian Center in Henderson, Nevada had been plateaued at 900 for five years. A year after using ConnectionPower they were running 1200. The reason this works is because, "People are not looking for a friendly church, they are looking for friends." (Rick Warren) ConnectionPower helps connect people on the outside to the people and ministries in your church.

Great pricing

The best news is that ConnectionPower is affordable. If you get one new family to join a year, it will pay for itself and the whole things is free. There is a gradual scale based on the size of your church.

Special Discount

Now, for some really good news. I have negotiated with ConnectionPower a special discount for my readers. Just plug in the discount code below and you will receive a special discount, and, you will be supporting this ministry as well.

Code:  jh000005

Please let me know how this is working for you. I have high hopes that this is a solution I have been looking for.