A short course on teaching kids

by Melissa Hunt

"Can you please tell me how to teach k-1st. grades in church Sunday/ Wednesday about the Bible?"


Dear Kesista,
What has worked best for me in the past when teaching this age children is to follow a schedule similar to this one:
1) Go around to each child and ask them if they have any prayer requests then lead in prayer.  Let them talk about their requests and share with the group any concerns they might have. Give children a chance to pray out loud if they'd like to. This whole process takes about 10 min.
2) Spend about 10 minutes singing with the children. Whether you consider yourself a "good" singer or not does not matter. Most children love to sing and they don't even notice how well the teacher sings. Talk to them about the words of the songs and what they mean. They are usually happy to sing the same songs over and over. It makes them feel confident and that is the way they truly learn the words.
3) Find a children's Bible story book and read and discuss the story with the children. It's great when you can find a book with beautiful pictures. Kids are very visual when it comes to learning. There are so many books to choose from at your local Christian bookstore. Ask lots of questions along the way. Allow the children to participate. Let them apply the story to their real lives. Allow them (in an orderly way) to share things in their lives that go along with the story. Always have one simple core truth that you want to convey to the kids before the lesson begins. For example: honesty, kindness, etc. This part of the lesson should take about 20 minutes.
4) I then have some kind of activity/color sheet for the children to complete that has to do with the lesson. You can do a web search using Bible Color Sheets and you'll be amazed at what you'll find. You can also do a little craft that mirrors the lesson as well. Crafts take a little more time and effort on your part, but kids love it. This will take about 10-20 minutes.
5)Finally, let the kids end the class time having some fun. Have a planned game or physical activity for them as a reward for being such good students.
Please know that these ideas are strictly my own. They are not based on some long research project, but they are what I have used and have worked out well for me.
Hope this helps.
God Bless you as you teach HIS children about HIS WORD.
Missy Hunt