There is no doubt that the clutch is definitely one of the key mechanisms of the car connecting the drive to the gearbox. However, over time or as a result of improper driving style, its individual components wear out. The symptoms of a breakdown are not always easy to detect. In many cases, changes occur gradually, and the driver adjusts the pressure according to the driving style. What are the main symptoms of clutch failure? When do I need to bring the car to the workshop? We will answer all these questions in the prepared article.

What is a slip clutch?
One of the most frequent breakdowns of the mechanism is the phenomenon of slipping of the clutch. It is mainly manifested by the lack of acceleration of the car at high speeds, which is especially felt by the driver when driving on a hill. Such circumstances usually also precede problems with starting, when the power generated by the engine does not reach the wheels. One of the main causes of clutch slip is the wear of the friction linings, which, however, in most cases is a natural process resulting from the normal operation of the components. At the same time, excessively heated pads are accompanied by a not very pleasant smell, very similar to the smell of burnt brake pads. Another cause of clutch malfunction may be oil leakage from the hydraulic fluid of the central working cylinder or a worn crankshaft seal. In addition, the failure of the clutch release system itself, which cannot fully function, gives symptoms of slipping of the mechanism even when the pedal is not pressed.

Small changes are a big failure
Modern couplings are equipped with components that ensure their proper operation even with severe wear. Therefore, the gradual degradation of the mechanism is almost imperceptible, and drivers instinctively make cosmetic changes when the clutch is working. The appearance of obvious problems means that the work of regulators is simply not enough. This is also the case when the clutch is "too high" and the car refuses to move after a slight separation from the pedal. Overheated components devoid of high load capacity significantly complicates the smooth start of the route and the continuation of smooth movement. Sometimes the clutch is pressure sensitive, which makes it possible to forget about the usual maneuvers. Therefore, a visit to the workshop becomes inevitable.

Quick action is necessary
Inexperienced drivers do not always immediately recognize all the symptoms of a malfunction. However, they should also have no problems hearing disturbing sounds coming from the gearbox area. This symptom, which occurs as a result of wear of bearings or hydraulic components, is amplified when the clutch is pressed at idle.

I'm not kidding about the clutch. In case of a malfunction, do not delay the repair, as a faulty component can stop the car at the most unexpected moment. asian massage near me