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Overview of Josh Hunt's Conferences

All of my conferences aim toward one dream: to fan the flames of a doubling group movement. Each one of these conferences contribute to this goal in a unique way. I feel I do my best work when we enter into a long-term relationship--where I get to know you and your people and you get to know me. Before the first conference, I'd like to invite you to prep some early adopters on the Double Your Class strategy. Give them the book, access to audios, videos and online learning so that at the first conference they can share. They will help persuade a few of the rest to embrace the vision of doubling groups. At the next seminar a few more can share. At each conference the group will get a little larger that really gets the vision. Don't expect them to all get it in one evening. Slowly, over time, we can start a fire.

You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less

This is the core curriculum and is normally done first. Each year, it has a bit of a different emphasis. This year, it centers primarily about using hospitality as a means of outreach, as well as some brief vision casting about the vision of doubling groups.  

Several of the talks below are a previous year's versions of the Double Your Class talk.

Here are two good reasons not to do this conference first:

  • If a good number of your people are turned off to the mention of numbers.
  • If you are concerned that the quality of the teaching in your classes is below average.
  • If you are concerned that there is a deep lack of a "soldier-mentality."

Disciplemaking Teachers

The more I speak on doubling Sunday Schools the more deeply I come to believe that the problem with Sunday School is not a Sunday School problem. It is a discipleship problem. In the Double seminar I point out the simple mathematical fact that a group of ten that doubles every eighteen months will reach a thousand people in ten years.  People don't doubt the math. They don't even doubt if it is realistic. What I often hear is, "I don't know if we want to do that; we are comfortable the way we are." This is not a Sunday School problem. It is a we-are-not-creating-soldiers-of-the-cross problem.

In the first half of this seminar we introduce nine qualities of a disciple, spelling out the word DISCIPLES. In the second half we talk about how to make a disciple. Special emphasis is given to the idea that we have to create people who love it. They love following Christ because they have come to believe that God is a rewarder of those who seek Him. You must come to love the Christian life, or you will never come to live the Christian life.  

10 Marks of I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. Teachers

The #1 predictor of the growth of any class is the teaching ability of the teacher. Thus, we spend a lot of time in our training on the craft of teaching itself.  

The first mark of an incredible teacher is they, "Inspire the heart; not just fill heads." Incredible teachers are motivational; they are not just good information delivery systems. To do this, they need to be teachers who Never stop learning and growing. They constantly read, listen and watch so they are constantly learning.  This will require that they are Committed; really committed. But, they are not just committed to activity; they are committed to getting Results. These four qualities form the first for of the ten marks of INCREDIBLE Teachers: Inspire the heart, Never stop learning, Committed, and committed to Results.

Giving Friday Nights to Jesus

This talk introduces the Double Your Class method without a lot of talk about doubling your class. It introduces the hospitality approach without a lot of emphasis on numbers. In fact, the title is intended to reach out to people who are turned off by numbers. If your people are turned off by a lot of talk about numbers, this might be the place to start. 

If we love them they will come, and they will come to love our Lord. Friday nights is a metaphor; it doesn't have to be a Friday night. It is an informal time of Diet Coke, table games, laughter and friends. Include some outsiders and you will be amazed how often they become a part of our group. When they feel accepted by us, they are far more likely to accept our Lord.

One Magnificent Obsession 

This seminar originally was about half of the Double Your Class Seminar. It is a motivational, almost sermonic piece on WHY we should give ourselves to the cause of evangelism and doubling class. Methods are de-emphasized (though not ignored altogether) in favor of ten reasons WHY doubling groups needs to become a magnificent obsession. If the WHY is strong enough people will figure out the how.

Doubling a class is possible, but not easy. It must become for us a kind of magnificent obsession. We have to want it. This seminar is designed to get people to want it.


The Amazing Power of Doubling Groups 

This seminar was half of the double your class seminar last year. It is all about the potential of groups that embrace the vision of growing and dividing, growing and dividing, growing and dividing. It addresses head-on what I consider the biggest problem in creating a doubling group movement: we are steadfastly opposed to the very thing that makes it happen. A group of ten that doubles every eighteen months can reach a thousand people in ten years. But, we will never do it if we have to put up with what we have to put up with in most cases every time we talk about dividing. If we are going to see a doubling group movement, we must joyfully, enthusiastically, sincerely and personally embrace the vision of groups growing and diving, growing and dividing, growing and dividing.  

Described another way, this seminar is one story after another about a worldwide movement of doubling that God started around 1987. There is also an emphasis on making dividing a whole lot easier. This is doubling's little secret: we are not actually opposed to dividing the group and saying good-bye to everyone in the group. What we are opposed to is saying good-bye to our best friends. If we can take our best friends with us, it doesn't hurt so badly to say good-bye to everyone else. In fact, there are a few people I would welcome the idea of saying good-bye to. Say it isn't true of you!


The F.A.C.T.S. about doubling classes (and their teachers)

This is a reinforcing talk. The video on this topic I call, "I can double your class in two years or less." It is an in-class curriculum where I become the teacher for 13 weeks. If you buy one set you get permission to reproduce the DVDs for all your teachers.

Facts are, doubling classes are marked by five things:

Faith. They are people of faith and confidence.
Able to get along with almost anyone. Effective teachers have good people skills
Consistently successful. They have tapped into God's success principles in every arena of life.
Tenacious, bulldog determination
Strategic in their efforts. They have a strategy that works.

Doing Evangelism as a Team

This seminar introduces the all-important Vision Day. How to get class officers; inreach, outreach, fellowship leaders and so forth. We will discuss spiritual gifts and how to lead people toward loving ministry.

In every church, I hear the problem of the labor shortage: we just can't get enough workers. This seminars equips each Sunday School teacher to be a recruiter of workers.

We give considerable emphasis in this talk to the need for children's workers, as it is a great need in most churches.

Enjoying God

This is one of my least asked-for seminars and one of my personal favorites. It is the least practical in that there is not a lot of methodology, or mention of Sunday School, for that matter. This is all about the conviction that people who have great joy in God have great energy for God and accomplish great things for God. The problem with the church today is not that we cannot figure out how to double a class. The problem is we are half asleep.

In case your are wondering, I am a huge fan of John Piper and consider this book a kind of "Piper for dummies." If you have not read Desiring God, my advice is run, don't walk to get a copy and get started reading it. It will change your life. It has richly blessed my life and will be a rich blessing to yours as well.

Good questions have groups talking

This seminar is different from the rest in that it will be about half me talking and about half the time given to groups talking to each other around round tables. It is hard to get groups to grasp how to use good questions unless they actually have time to experience it. Because of this, it works best when we have a longer time frame to work with--Friday night/ Saturday morning, or 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Saturday.

This seminar equips the teacher in the fine art of asking good questions. Of special interest is the jump-ball question. This question moves us from giving Sunday School answers to really grappling with the deeper things of the Word. The truth is usually a careful balance between two extremes, not a simplistic sound bite.

Far too many classes are all about the lecture. They are mini-sermons. Don't you think we should change that? How many reasons can you think of that support the idea that question and answer is a better method than lecture? How could you move your teachers to make skillful use of good questions?

This seminar is part of the answer.

This is a new seminar. I have a book under consideration with a publisher on this topic. I am going to hold off on doing this seminar until the book is released. I just wanted you to know it will be available in the future.


People often ask me, "Which seminar should we have you do?" It is a little like asking me which one of my kids I like best. I love them all. And I love all these talks as well. Usually with start with either Double Your Class or Disciplemaking Teachers.

The one thing I don't like to do that I am sometimes asked to do is to do a little bit of two or three seminars. I just don't feel I do justice to any of them when I do that. But, ultimately, I work for you, and feel that you know the needs of your people the best. I always like to spend some time with my host before the seminar so I can get a feel for you and your church. The best work I can do is to reinforce the vision that you consistently give your people. If they only hear it from me, I doubt it does much good. So, which ever seminars resonate with where your heart is and where you feel God is leading you to lead your people is probably the right one.





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