We recently had the privilege of hosting Josh Hunt for our mid winter Sunday Morning Bible Study leadership conference. The emphasis on investing and building relationships is the key to reaching our society today. Fellowship is premium in a world where we face an epidemic of loneliness. People are looking for more than a "friendly" church. They want a place where they can grow and develop lasting relationships that will assist them in building a biblical foundation for life. If you have not had the opportunity to have Josh Hunt in your church or attend one of his conferences, make plans to involve your leadership. His concepts will make a difference in your thinking about how simple it really is to reach out to people.

Charles F. Stanley
Senior Pastor First Baptist Church Atlanta

How to promote a conference for maximum impact

Check out this article on how to get a standing room only crowd.

The key word is promoting the conference is familiarity. The more familiar people are with my name, the the more likely they will want to come. People like to come hear someone they perceive as famous. People like to go hear people they have heard of. If you mention the Josh Hunt name and their feeling is, "Never heard of him" it is an uphill battle getting the conference promoted. I would suggest several ways to build familiarity. Better to do this slowly, over a long period of time than waiting till the last minute.

  • Copy articles and pass them out at your teachers' meetings. Feel free to copy and paste only the article portion of the online version. Please do give attribution to www.joshhunt.com. Also, consider forwarding them to pastors and/or Ministers of Education in the area.

  • FACEBOOK is a great way to connect. I am pretty active on FACEBOOK. Feel free to invite all your teachers to connect with me on FACEBOOK  www.facebook.com/joshhuntnm

  • Get your teachers on the Teacher Tips weekly E-Newsletter. Sign them up at http://www.joshhunt.com/signup.htm or email me at josh@joshhunt.com. Alternatively, you can just sign yourself up and forward these to your teachers. Some of your teachers will have SPAM filters that might let an email from you through, but not from me. Again, if you can get Pastors and Ministers of Education in your area signed up, all the better.

  • Have your teachers use my online lessons. I write three lessons a week that correspond with Lifeway's outlines plus the International Standard Series. This promotion indirect, but is the single best promotion I know of. I never fail to get a crowd in churches that use Good Questions that Have Groups Talking. I am tempted to make it a requirement of all hosts because it works so well. To sign up all your teachers at a discounted group rate, click here.

  • Use a video. It might seem redundant to show the videos and then have me speak on the same topic. Trust me, the repetition will do people good. I did the Double conference twice in Corpus Christi recently, once this year and once last year. Someone came up to me at the second conference and said, "I think I am starting to get it." There is a reason Paul said, "I say again. . ." Repetition is the mother of learning. Plus, I change the conference every year so what I present now is quite a bit different than what is on the video. One other thing. You won't get everyone to come watch the videos. But, even for the ones who don't, it helps build familiarity.

  • I have put together a rather extensive download page. (Also, see http://www.joshhunt.com/bundle.htm) On this page you will find audios and videos that you can download and distribute. Feel free to pass this along to pastors in you area, as well as your own teachers. Far better to allow them to sample the content than to just tell them how wonderful it is. This is based on a strategy outlined at www.pyromarketing.com

  • Get your pastor excited about doubling groups. Nothing is important until the pastor says it is important. This is the law of PRIME TIME What ever you can do to get your pastor excited about doubling groups is going to pay off in spades. Download some audio content and burn some CDs for him.

  • Sign up to my PODCAST

  • Posters. I have some professionally designed posters available for download. It looks like this:


  • What Makes Groups Grow graphic: click here.

  • To prepare posters, bulletin inserts and flyers, and posters, consider using info from my bio page. I think a copy of the front of the book is the best graphic for posters and inserts. You might also use quotes from these commendations.

    Network with other churches

    I am trying to get the message about doubling groups to as many people as possible. If you can network with your Association, State Convention, or other churches in your area and invite them to attend, it would be great. Many times Associations and or State Conventions will help sponsor events.

    Personal phone calls are huge.recently with 150 people outside his church who attended. I asked how he got that crowd there. His response? Five phone calls. A few personal phone calls to pastors and/or Ministers of Education in the area can make a huge difference.

    Email. Look through your email address book and email every Pastor / Minister of Education in the area.

    Mailings. You can purchase lists of churches within a specified distance from your church at www.americanchurchlists.com You Association or State convention may give you names for free.

    Piggy-back conferences. I will be working to set up conferences the night before or after yours in your area. If you can help me do that, I would greatly appreciate it. If you wouldn't mind emailing Pastors, Ministers of Education, Associational Missionaries and other interested parties, I would greatly appreciate it.  You will save some money on travel if this is part of a tour.