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What users have said about Good Questions. . .

  • I prefer discussion questions that make my ladies think deeply about how God may want them to apply the Sunday School lesson. For several years I've had to come up with those kinds of questions on my own -- now with Josh's questions, I have time to be more creative with my lessons.
  • Josh Hunt offers a good, fresh alternative to the lesson plans published in the literature. He also provides plenty of pertinent background material from various commentaries. Using his Good Questions turned my class from a mostly lecture session into a lively discussion group.
  •  Josh Hunt's "Good Questions" makes me think more deeply about the Scripture and this provides a more interesting lesson for the group. He elevates my preparation and makes the presentation fun..........did I mention that with my busy schedule he cut my preparation time in half. Really.
  • Have questions? Need answers? We have both and they'll generate a lively discussion. Want to get your class out of a rut? Start asking these questions and see what happens!
  • "Tired of lecturing to sleepy class members? Do you know people learn best when they hear themselves speak? Try asking Good Questions. Less prep time. Better class time." Phil Boggs
  • I use good questions every week because they get the class interacting with scripture which changes lives. Good questions lead our class to transformation faster.
  • By using these questions I am assured that we will have a meaningful discussion of the text. Since there are a lot of questions, we naturally gravitate to the questions or topic that are most challenging to us in our daily life. From there we move to how the biblical text relates to the particular challenge. This happens every week !

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