As of this writing, I have 2,884 friends on Facebook. Two or three times a week I will post something on Facebook along the lines of. . .

  • Looking forward to church tonight.
  • Looking forward to small group. Consider yourself invited.
  • What a great night at church!

I have had two people come to my small group directly from Facebook. I have talked to several who have come to church directly from Facebook.

Imagine everyone did this.

About 20% of American attend church each week. That is about 60 million people. Imagine all of them posted something about their church, their quiet time, what they are learning, what they are praying about, or what they love about being a Christian. Imagine they don’t have 2,884 friends like I do. Imagine they only have 1000. 60 million people posting two or three times a week to a thousand people each. . . that quickly gets into numbers I can’t even calculate.

Imagine just half of the people at your church did that. Imagine the idea spread.